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Each week we search for the coolest comic book art that you see in actual comics. The reason you won't is because artists often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Some artists even arrange commissions through their sites. So be sure to check them out.

Last week we saw the pencils from Peter Nguyen's X-Men sketch. He posted the inked version on his Tumblr and added some more to it.

Marcio Takara posted the pencils for another pre-ECCC sketch last week on his Tumblr. Here's the inks.

Rod Reis posted some more sketches on his Tumblr.

Joel Gomez posted Marvel sketches on his Tumblr.

Todd Nauck posted some sketches on his Instagram page this week.

Ryan Stegman posted a sketch of Beast on his Tumblr.

Chris Giarrusso posted a sketch card of Sinestro on his website (it's already sold).

Mike Deodato posted some sketches on his Tumblr.

Daniel HDR posted another commission on his Tumblr.

Mike McKone posted a Wolverine commission on his Twitter page.

Gene Gonzales has been posting new sketches on his blog.

Paolo Rivera posted an X-Men sketch cover he's donating to the Hero Initiative on his blog.

Francis Manapul posted another Batman peek on his Tumblr.

Cameron Stewart posted a True Detective pic on his Tumblr.

Dustin Nguyen posted this sketch of Spoiler on his Tumblr. Here's what he said on this design:

I have a feeling a lot of people won't like this direction for her mask, but I wanted to keep it simple, avoiding the domino mask for now being I feel its more Bat-family oriented. I don't believe she’s under the bat group yet at this point, though, I could be wrong. Here’s hoping DC will use this design down the road.

He also did an exclusive sketch for Amazon and the release the LI'L GOTHAM trade.

Skottie Young posted more Daily Sketches on his Tumblr.

Mahmud Asrar posted a Storm work-in-progress and another pre-commission for his Germany tour on his Tumblr.

Yildiray Cinar posted a Flash "digital doodle" on his Tumblr.

That's it for this week. What did you think? We'll have more art next time.

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Takara's is gorgeous, Reis' expressions have me particularly impressed, that Spoiler design is sick, and Asrar is impeccable.

Great work all around.

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So is that Spoiler design official or not ether way looks amazing.

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That would be a super cool looking for Stephanie.

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Scrolled past the Batman and had to see who was the artist. MANAPUL! Wow! Loved his run on the Flash, so I'm happy to see that his Batman looks great!

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Spoiler's mask is cool, the design is AWESOME. TAKE IT DC, TAKE IT!!!

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That "new" spoiler look is just a different colored pre 52 batgirl uniform with a hooded cape and mask.

IMO at least.

And for some reason it works.

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That Flash!!!

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That Spoiler costume is awesome... though I am a sucker for a purple costume. Galactus, Huntress, and Hawkeye (classic) are all favourites.

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Two Gurren Lagann sketches in two weeks? That's awesome!

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Yildiray Cinar should have stayed on Supergirl. I wss greatly enjoying the art he was doing on it as it fit the mode perfect. Emmanuella, who is taking over, is equally great but I wish she went to the WorldsFinest as her style fits that comic perfect and leave Yildiray where he was at on Supergirl.

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That Superman/Wonder Woman in is pretty interesting.

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Another great week. I've also posted my deviantArt picks as well for those of you who look forward to it each week.

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very Cavil-looking Superman plus S-curl...!!

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Stephanie looks hardcore. I love the design. Ryan Stegman does a mean Beast too.

#18 Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse (6090 posts) - - Show Bio

Great week.

#19 Posted by Rixec (350 posts) - - Show Bio

DC MUST use that design for Spoiler - she is bad@$$!

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The more Rod Reis stuff you most the more I'm really loving his art. It's getting me excited for the book him and Kyle Higgins are doing together.

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I love my new profile picture!

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Great choices! Nguyen's Spoiler is awesome! Cinar's Flash is breath taking! And is it just me or does Reis' Superman/Wonder Woman look like they just got the pregnancy test results? Hahaha!

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I love Deodato's Ares!

#24 Posted by TheUnN4med (86 posts) - - Show Bio

Woah! That Spoiler is so awesome! I will be dissapointed of DC don't take that desing.

#25 Posted by Ultra_Girl_ (1248 posts) - - Show Bio

Who's the blonde in the ninja black/purple suit?

#26 Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee (11035 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh my stars and garters those art pieces are absolutely beautiful.

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That Ares!!!

That Spoiler!!

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@lykida said:

I love Deodato's Ares!

Second this! Wow. Just wow.

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The Gene Gonzales Invincible is mine. Turned out nice.

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you should post kenneth rocafort stuff here is his tumblr

#31 Posted by Rixec (350 posts) - - Show Bio

Who's the blonde in the ninja black/purple suit?

Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler.

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@g_man: Tell Dustin he should be confident in that design for Spoiler because it looks so damn awesome! It even looks better than the original. I hope DC takes it.

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My favorites

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Spoiler's new design looks awesome, hope DC decides to use it!

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Are you kidding me here Dustin Nguyen!? That is the single most reserved yet refreshing redesign of a character being reintroduced into the New 52 I've ever seen. I really hope it's used. It's so awesome!

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@xwraith: I was confused on that. Thought it was just double posted. Either that or Takara really loves drawing Yoko in that specific pose.

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The Spoiler design looks pretty awesome

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Well, I think we all know who is the favorite this week. Dustin Nguyen's Spoiler.

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Skottie Young never ceases to amaze me. Todd Nauck man that guy is a beast. Love all of this.

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X-men, spoiler, and Flash were the best this week.

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Those are awesome.

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Love the ares

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Deodato's art has gotten so good over the last few years. It looks very "meaty"? I really like it paired with the inks. I wonder if he does his own and that's why it looks so different then his previous work. Either way, I love his art.