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Last week was the third annual Long Beach Comic Con. You know what that means? That means a lot of commission art. Each week we feature the best comic book art that you won't see in comics. If it's so good, why won't you see them in comic books? Artist often do commissions at cons as well as posting sketches on their blogs and Tumblr accounts. Besides working on the characters in their books, they like to have the chance to work on other characters for fun and to experiment.

This week's first batch comes from Todd Nauck. I got to meet Todd for the first time at Long Beach and can I make it officially known that Todd and his wife are some of the nicest people I've met. You'll be seeing a little more of Todd's work later here on Comic Vine but for now, here are a bunch of commissions he did last weekend.

This first one was a little...odd.

Someone wanted Todd to draw Spider-Man on this statue. It's a piece of a wall. I actually watched Todd finish this piece and it was very impressive. Todd has also posted a bunch of commissions on his Twitter page. Can you name them all?

== TEASER ==

And here's another statue he drew on.

Peter Nguyen was also at Long Beach. Here's a couple sketches he posted on his Tumblr this week.

Joel Gomez was at Long Beach as well. Check out this picture of Gotham City he made into a print. I got one of these and have to figure out where I'm gonna hang it.

Here's some other sketches Joel did and posted on his Tumblr.

Here's the last one from Long Beach. Brian Buccellato is the co-writer and colorist for THE FLASH (he's also the colorist for SUPERMAN and had a hand in depicting Doctor Guerrero). Brian also cracks me up. He was giving out free sketches to those that hadn't read THE FLASH yet but went and bought one and brought it to him to sign. This was a sketch he had sitting at his table and he gave it to me at the end of the day on Saturday.

Agnes Garbowska posted some sketches on her Tumblr from New York Comic Con. Check out her page for more sketches and fun stuff.

This week over at, the focus was on Damian Wayne. The first is by Evan Shaner.

Next is a Damian by Ron Salas.

Here's a Damian by Nathan Fairbairn.

You might be wondering why Damian is so tall. Here's what Nathan said about his drawing.

So apparently Damian Wayne is 10. Like, TEN. As in years old.

I've discovered this information only now, after having already finished my twart. I had just assumed the new Robin was a teenager like all the others were. Not the case, it would seem.

So ... here's a drawing of Damian Wayne. IN THE FUTURE.

Shut up.

And finally, here's some cool Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 promo art from Francesco Francavilla. This is what Francesco said about it on his blog.

Hello Friends,
I can finally share this sweet piece I did for MARVEL & CAPCOM in relation to the release of the videogame. First time I had to deal with so many characters all together on a cover, but it was FUN :)
Hope you guys dig it :)

Hope you enjoyed this week's picks. If you're aware of other artists' blogs or see anything during the week, feel free to pm me or @reply me on Twitter (@GManFromHeck). Stay tuned for some more really cool art from Long Beach in a slightly different format and be sure to check out the next installment of Awesome Art Picks.

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Interesting stuff you got here ( A real Kings Ransom ) ^_^

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what is TT

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@someone042 said:

what is TT

It's a verbal tic that Morrison gave Damian; it's kind of an alternative to a scoff. I believe he also gave Bruce one as well, though I don't remember if it's the same "-TT-" or something slightly different. If you've been following Damian in Batman & Robin and things, Evan Shaner's drawing is probably hilarious to you. I know I laughed at it.

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the UMVC cover he did is a parody or an update of the original edition's cover! win

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I really like the Damian pics by Doc Shaner and Nathan Fairbairn. Francavilla stuff is always a treat.

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I really like Todd Nauck's style. Nice work. That Gotham City piece by Joel Gomez is outstanding, really beautiful. Great stuff, and thanks again, G-Man!

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These are nice works!

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love the drawing of Emma, she looks tough and not so porny, it's a good look for her. I also like the first one of Wolverine and the X-Men cover. Rather than watering him down it shows him as a maturing character, love it.

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Pirate Gwen! Awesome!

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i dont get the whole "TT" thing

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i love the ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 art! its so awesome i cannot wait for that to come out!

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REALLY nice.

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TT. Awesome.

The Ben Grimm one is hilarious.

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It would be really nice to see something like this for CV artists :)

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Me likes! Especially Peter Nguyen's Batman stuff!

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Beautiful, I especially loved the Gotham, Punisher, and Ghost Rider pieces.

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Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 piece was my favorite :)

Like the wall type pictures statues too...should broaden the art picks since there's lots of types of arts :)

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Love the Venom, Ghost Rider, and Punisher ones.

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Love the psylocke and the robin picture!

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LOVE that Gotham Knights drawing. But who is the wolf-man with the gun in Marvel vs. Capcom?

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If you look you can find some really weird drawings of Damian Wayne, not that i've looked... cough cough

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The Spidey wall piece rocks

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@Wolverine0628: Rocket Raccoon.

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I don't think Iron Man is the equivalent to Ryu.

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i wish i could draww like these people can. the covers are most awesome

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Holy crap...I'm really digging the Batman sketches!

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Very, very nice.

even after all those years, people still have a thing for Gwen Stacy :P

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Peter Nguyen's Batman and Catwoman sketch is glorious.

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@FTomato: Thanks. I had no idea Rocket Raccoon was popular enough to be in this game.

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Wow a lot of great sketches there. I think my favorite has to be the Joel Gomez Wolverine slicing cover. Very cool!

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Those Todd Nauck ones are just amazing.

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I love the drawings by Todd Nauck!!

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@Wolverine0628: He isn't, he's a joke character. MVC3 also has MODOK.

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@FTomato: That's a relief. Thanks.

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I love Spidey and Gwen as pirates!