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Each week we gather up the coolest comic book art you won't see in comics. The reason you won't see it in comics is because artists often do sketches and commissions when not drawing for the books they're working on. They are simply too great to go unnoticed.

Skottie Young often posts Daily Doodles on his website. The cool thing about these is they're for sale. Because Skottie's art is so amazing, you can imagine they sell out pretty quickly. Have you ever wondered what a Harry Potter comic could look like? How about one drawn by Skottie Young?

== TEASER ==

Here's his rendition of Hermione, the Goblin King (from Labyrinth) and Fone Bone.

Paolo Rivera must get a lot of requests to draw Mary Jane. Here is another commission from last year's NYCC he just posted on his website.

Jim Balent posted this image for the Pittsburgh Comicon on his Facebook page.

We tend to see a lot of sketches of Captain America. Here's a couple of commissions Mike McKone posted on his Twitter.

Jeff Lemire's latest issue of ANIMAL MAN came out this week along with the news that he's taking over writing duties for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Most likely unrelated to both, here's a "warm up sketch" he posted of Batman.

You can never have too much Batman, right? Check out Daniel HDR's version posted on Instagram.

Phil Noto posted a couple sketches this week on his Tumblr. Check out his Kitty Pryde & Lockheed and Enchantress.

Tom Raney has been busy with the sketches, check out his X-Men, Legionnaires and Baron Karza he posted on Twitter.

Have you played Gears of War? Joel Gomez has been. Here's a sketch inspired by the game posted on his Tumblr.

He also posted some more sketch covers.

Chris Samnee is doing an issue of ANGEL & FAITH (#10 on sale in May). If you're curious what it might look like, check out the sketches he posted on his Tumblr.

Dustin Nguyen wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Here's his version of Green Lantern, Kai-Ro, from Justice League Unlimited posted on his Tumblr.

He was also happy to hear that JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND did well this past week.

We all know the Punisher is a tough character, right? Michael Walsh's version posted on his Tumblr truly captures that toughness.

Artists often get...interesting commission requests. Dan McDaid posted one he got for Thor Vs. Karate Kid.

Robert Atkins has been posting a lot of characters sketches on his blog of members of the Justice League (pre-New 52, of course). Check out his Aquaman, Flash, Kyle Rayner, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Finally, Philip Tan put up three new sketches this week on his Tumblr. Check out his Jean Grey, Spoiler and Deadpool (Pulp).

That's it for this week. Let us know what you thought of these and be sure to look for the next installment coming soon.

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I love that Kitty and Lockheed one.

Needs more Magik!!!

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I like that Pittsburgh con pic. Great Stan Lee!

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All so many good ones, I can't even choose which are the best. I'm especially partial to Nguyen's Justice League Beyond work though...

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Is there ever a bad Batman art? OH wait yeah there is f**king Sam Kieth I hate that guy. worst artist ever

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Oh my! That Phoenix is amazing!!

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I would love to see a Skottie Young Harry Potter comic!

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I don't know who has control of the Labyrinth license after Tokyopop lost it but Marvel needs to snap it up and have Skottie Young work his Oz magic on it, Marvel put out the original comic adaptation so why not a follow up, prequel or re-imagining.

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I ain't a Jean Grey fan but her picture is amazing.

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Each time this article comes I I hope for a Raven pic :( (and especially in this time where some of us eagerly await her return...hopefully it wont be s***)

Great pieces btw :)

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Jean grey pic is truely stunning. Love the Skottie Young stuff though to .

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This one is post-52 pic, actually. Quite sweet at that, by the way.

Most of this is grand stuff. Rest is good.

Happy Chinese new year to Dustin Nguyen too!

@RUSTMAN said:

I would love to see a Skottie Young Harry Potter comic!

Seconded. By the way, did you notice that his HPs head looks a bit fly-like? That`s cool.

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that deadpool pulp drawing is awesome!

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I think Phillip Tan wins this week.

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Bone was nice.

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Jim Balent! Woo Hoo! Love that piece he did.

Man oh much fantastic work by everyone. I adore that Enchantress art by Phil Noto.

Tom Raney continues to kick more ass with every darn posting of his art here. Very impressive!

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Some lovely work!!!

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Karate Kid stomp

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Mohawk Storm all the way!

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This is one of the Best Awesome Art Picks. I really liked all of them and I really like the Jeff Lemire Batman.
 Glorith II was also a good one.

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Captain America pictures were my favorites, they were all great though.

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The last 3 are wicked good... Jean, and Spoiler especially

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I really want the Aquaman and Deadpool pics.

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Nice works by Tan.

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I definately like artwork to be detailed and have a degree of realism, I don't like disproportionate figures I'm afraid (like that Harry Potter).

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Enchantress was givin' me everything i needed...I just...I just...

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I think my favorite was the deadpool pulp one by Philip Tan, I wish i could be that good at my art.

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Dustin Nguyen is always amazing

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Deadpool Pulp for the win, the batman is really great too

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Deadpool! That is how he could appear in the DP movie!

I hope Ryan Reynolds is taking notes.

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Phil Noto's Shadowcat and Lockheed is, in my opinion, the best character profile he's done on his tumblr. He captures the innocence of young Kitty perfectly.

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Great Artwork picks!

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Very nice pieces here! Thanks for sharing.

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LOVE Daniel HDR's Batman! Reminds of the great, sleek, serious, dynamic Novick/Giordano rendition of Batman. Excellent stuff. I'll keep a look out for his work. Thanks.

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THIS one is was the best series of Art Picks yet.

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nice as always

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@ARMIV2 said:

Oh my! That Phoenix is amazing!!

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I forgot about how much I liked Jean Grey's outfit from the 90's.

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Philip Tan and Mike McKones were my favorites

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Dang! I can't decide which is my favorite. These guys are all so good.

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Gosh that Jean Grey by Philip Tan is awesome.

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Wow I love so freaking many of these! <3

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So much great art I have to post twice. I've looked at the post multiple times. Great job Comicvine

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The JLB, The Batman, and Captain America draws are grat.

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the two Deadpool ones and the Punisher are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome stuff as ever, Hell yes for Baron Karza! :D

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Oh, LOOK! DC has a female Moon Knight!

Just kidding, it was all very good art.

Thanks for posting all this cool stuff!

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Very nice. I really like that Pittsburgh Comicon poster.