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Each week we search for the coolest comic book art that you won't see in actual comics. The reason you won't is because artist often draw sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their websites, blogs, and Tumblrs. Some artists even pre-arrange commissions through their sites so be sure to check them out.

Ryan Ottley posted a Rocket and Groot sketch on his Tumblr. He's also putting some art up for sale there.

Rod Reis posted this Man-Thing sketch on his Tumblr.

Mike Henderson posted a bunch of warm-up sketches on his Instagram page.

Kris Anka posted a sketch of Evan on his Tumblr. He also posted a Captain America pic that was going to be used for a Sideshow Collectibles premium figure.

Philip Tan posted more sketches on his Facebook page.

Marcus To posted some commissions from earlier this year on his Tumblr along with some recent sketches he's been working on.

Brett Booth has been posting sketches on his Twitter page recently instead of his blog. Here's some that we missed recently.

Yildiray Cinar posted a Death of the Endless pic on his Instagram page.

Peter Nguyen posted a Rocket Raccoon sketch on his Tumblr. He's not sure if he'll get around to finishing it.

Mike McKone posted some recent commissions on his Twitter page and Instagram.

Peter Krause posted a sketch of Superman and Batman on his Twitter page.

Daniel HDR posted this sketch on his Tumblr. You can also see step by step process pics along with his commission info for New York ComicCon

Todd Nauck posted a Veronica and Betty pic he did for fun at SDCC on his Tumblr. Someone bought it right away.

Michael Walsh is getting ready for FanExpo and posted a couple prints, on his Tumblr, he'll have for sale at the show.

Patrick Zircher posted a Shazam! sketch on his Twitter page.

Bill Walko posted a bunch of commissions he did at Connecticut ComicCONN and Boston Comic Con on his Tumblr.

Joel Gomez posted a couple sketches on his Tumblr.

Denis Medri posted a 1920s Cap and Wolverine commission on his Deviant Art page.

Francesco Francavilla posted some new art on his Tumblr.

Kenneth Rocafort posted some concept designs on his Twitter. Not exactly sure if he's doing them for fun or for another purpose.

Skottie Young posted some new art on his site as well as a video after getting challenged for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. You can donate yourself without the "challenge" by going to

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That's it for this week. Which ones did you especially enjoy? We'll be back next time with more awesome art.

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I'm hoping after Multiversity we will start to see some Captain Carrot art picks :)

Also that is a fantastic Captain Marvel by Zircher. That one's going to the collection and on my phone.

I also really really like the Rocafort art, and that Haikyuu image by Tan made me smile.

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Awesome week, Michael Walsh is so good. I loved the Superboy as well.

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I love the Rogue/Gambit gender-flip.

A Batgirl/Buffy team-up would be cool.

And the Ninja Turtles look EPIC! Megan Fox can go @^&%*%$%$&#!

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I'm digging Bill Walko's work. I will need to remember his name on the next comicbook conventions so I can ask for some artwork. I'm thinking something Spider-Man related.

Maybe Morales, Parker, Kaine, and Thompson arm wrestling or something. (+)

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That sketch of Cassie, Connor, Tim and Bart pre-52 makes me happy and soo sad at the same time...

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Made me a little sad

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Love the Mike Henderson stuff. And that Michael Walsh Deadpool is so great!

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Thank You Brett Booth!

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Finally, some great Brett Booth stuff, i was starting to miss it.

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@ultimatesmfan: Same here... I still miss the good old DC days (aka pre-New52)

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Kenneth Rocafort posted some concept designs on his Twitter. Not exactly sure if he's doing them for fun or for another purpose.

Hopefully for another purpose, those look really cool.

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Those Skottie Young picks are amazing

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That Iron Giant is amazing.

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The Kenneth Rocafort redesigns are AH-maz-ing

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@sora_thekey: Not 'sad' sad. More like 'i miss you' sad. I really loved those guys together. Nostalgia kicks in on seeing that.

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i want to see the rogue /gambit gender swap in color , my fave this week!

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this is freaking awesome...

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when i say freaking awesome, im referring to these 2 beauty's

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Rocafort is a master

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I can see Link turning around and seeing the creature. Then the battle music starts.

Kenneth Rocafort's work is amazing!! :D

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@superior_prime_maybe: Oh! I didn't read that book.. So I wouldn't know. I just liked the "normal" poses over the dramatic super hero-y art.

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Rocafort deserves to be on a Major title (by major, i mean sales). I would love to see him paired up with Scott Snyder for Batman if Capullo decides to leave (god forbid) or take a long break. Heck even a team book like the Justice League should be worthy for someone like him.... I just want him to stay on one book for a LOOOOONG time, like what Capullo is doing... if he can't commit, then i guess doing a whole original graphic novel would be enough. Like Jerome Opena who's doing a whole book with Remender, 'Rage of Ultron'

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Everything looks amazing...