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Each week we search the Internet for the best comic book art that will never appear in actual comics. The reason they won't is because artists often post sketches for fun and commissions on their blogs, websites and Tumblrs. Some even pre-arrange commissions or sell art online so be sure to check out their sites for more info and con schedules.

Last weekend was C2E2 in Chicago. Many of this week's artists were there drawing away. Skottie Young posted a few sketches on his site and @WaddlyHobbins even sent a scan of the commission he got of Punisher.

Tony Daniel also was at C2E2. He posted a couple sketch covers on his Instagram but these are from Emerald City.

Khary Randolph took part in the Mystery Art Challenge. You'll see that at the end but check out his C2E2 sketches posted on his Tumblr.

Agnes Garbowska did the Art Challenge as well. Here's some sketches she posted on her Tumblr.

Peter Nguyen also did the Challenge. I posted some of his C2E2 sketches last week but here's another he posted on his Tumblr.

Guess what? Michael Walsh also did the Challenge. Here's a couple sketches he posted on his Tumblr this week.

Ryan Stegman did a bunch of sketches at C2E2 and posted them on his Tumblr. No surprise, a lot of them were Spider-Man.

Chris Giarrusso posts fan art every week on his website but this week it was a little different. Check out the G-Man vs. Invincible sketch Ryan Ottley did.

Check out what Paolo Rivera posted on his blog this week. His Iron Man 3 poster is really something.

Francesco Francavilla posted another Doctor Who sketch on his blog. This is for Episode 7.11, "Journey to the Center of the TARDIS."

Todd Nauck posted some more sketches on his Tumblr.

Brett Booth has been busy but did post a new sketch of Shazam on his blog.

Robert Atkins posted a couple sketches on his blog. He also posted colored versions by Simon Gough.

Mahmud Asrar posted a few sketches on his Tumblr this week.

Marcio Takara posted some early sketches on his Tumblr. It's great seeing art in different stages.

Cameron Stewart posted a Miss America (from YOUNG AVENGERS) on his Tumblr.

Gene Gonzales posted some new sketches on his blog.

Terry Dodson posted some sketches he did at Supanova in Melbourne on his Deviant Art Page.

Mystery Art Challenge

The challenge this time was Superman...and a hat. Once they agree to take the challenge and be filmed, they are told what the challenge is. They don't have any idea who or what the challenge will involve. It's always fun to see what they come up with. For this challenge, our contestants were Peter Nguyen, Chris Giarrusso, Khary Randolph, Michael Walsh and Agnes Garbowska.

Here's the video from our YouTube channel:

You can check out the comments on our page HERE when it was posted earlier this week.

Here's scans of the actual sketches:

That's it for this week. We'll look for some more for next time.

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Iron man 3 faux book cover is absolutely beautiful

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I absolutely love the "Iron Man Three" pulp novel cover.

Amusing and spot-on. It takes me back to when I used to work in a used book store.

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love the mystery art challenge

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tony's floating head from the cover in the adam west batman transition. somebody needs to make it happen.

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Abraham Superman and Adventure Time Superman are awesome.

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Phillip Tan, where are you? Shazam is awesome!

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I actually got to see Skottie start that Venom pieces when he was in Kansas City. It is absolutely awesome to see it finished.

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This is beautiful! This man is a true artist.

#9 Posted by ARMIV2 (8673 posts) - - Show Bio

Dat Squirrel Girl...

#10 Posted by sinestro_GL (3248 posts) - - Show Bio

Liking the first picture of Captain Marvel a lot!

Also good to see TMNT get a couple in this week.

And as always...oh Kara :)

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I love Ryan Stegman's sketches of Spider-Man and Khary Randolph's sketches of Leonardo and Raphael. IDW, get him on TMNT sometime. That would be awesome.
Also, Skottie Young's Punisher with the eye patch looks great.

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Who would have though Squirrel Girl could be so jaw-droppingly hot?

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Dat Venom, Abraham Kent, and Iron man.

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Is marvel trying to steal miss america from dc and 2, it looks as If mahmud asras commitions are finally becoming as lazy as his work on the supergirl title. Does that fool have someone that is related to him working as a dc executive that he is still employed there? Wake up dc, that guy is wrecking one of your main characters!

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World, pleez tell me im not the only person who thinks agnes garbowska's art isn't exactly "thrilling" to see every week in the "awesome art" category? it's kind of annoying knowing that absolutely anyone can do much better than that.

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That Capt. Marvel and that Iron Man 3 poster.... Wow

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Awesome Picks

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Awesome stuff! I do have a pet peeve: Spidey 2099 shoots webs from the top of his hand, not by making the "I love you" sign like Peter. Of course Miguel could just be saying he loves everyone.

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I've gotta say getting commissions done was the highlight of my trip to Chicago. As always the Michael Walsh pieces are my favorite.

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Terry Dodson's Black widow drawing looked great!

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Damn I wish I had the Khary Randolf Leo and Raf poster size, so badass.

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Nice TMNT pics. Shame the first Punisher looks like a monkey though!

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Brett Booths Shazam looks amazing

#25 Posted by Ninjablade09 (3175 posts) - - Show Bio

Stegman's Spider-men are great love that Spidey 2099. But Brett Booths Shazam stole the show for me.


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Todd Nauck posted an excellent two-part video of him doing that Magneto piece. Really cool to see that process.

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Man, this is some really great work. Khary Randolph is the man!

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I love the magneto piece and nice picture of squirrel girl even though I don't like her

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Abraham Superman and Adventure Time Superman are awesome.

Indeed, plus Shazam.

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Awesome art this week. A lot better than last week's. My fave has to be the Iron Man Three novel cover.

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Wow, a lot of good artworks here. But holy smurfy! Dat Iron Man 3 cover on a novel book!! That was actually amazing right there. Must've taken a lot of time to do that I bet.

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More pulp covers as we progress here would be fantastic!

Did not see it coming and my socks were blown off.

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Why do i always see toddler drawings of superheroes like this??? No offense against the artist, but putting superheroes out there like this kind of defeats the purpose. I mean they're "Super". Not toddlers. I mean if i opened a Deadpool comic and Wade was running around with toy guns shooting other baby heroes... I dont even know.

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Really miss the blue...

#35 Posted by The Average Bear (2080 posts) - - Show Bio

Really miss the blue...

Let's all take a moment to mourn the blue...

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All very nice but my faves are Todd Nauck's Magneto and Terry Dodson's Black Widow.

Was this thread not on the main News page? I didn't see it there.

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Why do i always see toddler drawings of superheroes like this??? No offense against the artist, but putting superheroes out there like this kind of defeats the purpose. I mean they're "Super". Not toddlers. I mean if i opened a Deadpool comic and Wade was running around with toy guns shooting other baby heroes... I dont even know.

Lot of people think is cute or awesome and me, both, you just don't happen to like it that's all, but you have to know that it all comes to the artist, I mean, have you seen any of a tiny titans issue? it was the artist intention to make the superheroes and villains more 'kid friendly' and between the art and the stories that was a great and hilarious book, now, when it comes to Agnes, she does this all the time cause is her style, is what she likes, and like I said, lots of people find it cute I mean, look, you have Batman lil Gotham as well and I haven't found someone that doesn't like it and also, I'll drop one of my favorites from Agnes work as well, tell me that's not cute

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I wish I was half as good as these artists are, amazing.

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Much respect for Afro Samurai, Captain Marvel, and Gwen Stacy. Nice stuff as usual.

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TMNT is getting a lot of love lately. I'm glad they're finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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10th Doctor by Agnes Garbowska for me FTW! :) Simply divine.

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The commission I got from Ben Templesmith

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@armiv2 said:

Dat Squirrel Girl...


#44 Posted by kid Apollo (714 posts) - - Show Bio

love the TMNT stuff and of course, Brett Booth kills it as usual. oh and its nice to see Skottie Young pumping out something other then a baby-filled sketch

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Iron Man 3 mystery novel looks super cool and also I feel like it would smell like an old book. Old book smells are great. Smell an old book, gents.

Skottie Young gets my top vote this week though. I can never get enough of his style

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@the_average_bear: My little cousins call me weird for doing that. I like smelling them old and new.