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Each week we gather up all the cool comic book art by the professionals that won't be appearing in comic books. The reason they won't is because artists often do sketches for fun or commissions at convention and post them on their websites, blogs, Tumblrs or Twitter pages. Some artists even offer commissions through their sites. These drawings are too good not to be seen by everyone.

Denis Medri has been doing quite a bit of re-imagining. We've seen his steampunk versions of characters and last week saw Western versions of the Justice League. This week he posted a couple more steampunk Spider-Man pics on his Deviant Art page but also did something a little different. Check out his "Star Wars 80s High School Re-Designs."

== TEASER ==

Philip Tan posted some more sketches on his Facebook.

Chris Burnham is at Wizard World Chicago this weekend. Make sure you find him if you're there. Check out these sketches he's done there already and posted on his Twitter.

Robert Atkins also posted a sketch of Iron Fist that was colored by Simon Gough. Check out both versions. Which color do you like better for his costume? Robert also posted a nice sketch of Taskmaster on his blog.

Craig Cermak posted his version of Batman and Robin on his Tumblr.

Chris Giarrusso posted a pic of Batman as well along with another Tribute Tuesday for AVENGERS VS. X-MEN on his website.

Ben Templesmith has been posting some sketches on his Instagram.

Ramon Perez finally got around to finishing an Archie pic he started a couple years ago. He mentioned on his Tumblr how difficult it was to come back and not make all the changes he wanted to. He's hoping to color it someday.

Gene Gonzales posted a pic of Riddler as well as a work in progress of Sue and Ralph Dibny on his blog.

Daniel HDR is taken commissions for NYCC. You can read about that on his blog here on Comic Vine. Here's a couple examples from his Instagram.

Todd Nauck posted some more iPad drawings on his Tumblr using Sketchbook Pro and Paper53.

Have you been checking out Mahmud Asrar's work on SUPERGIRL? He's been posting some sketches on his Instagram.

How about some Legend of Zelda art? Here's one Agnes Garbowska posted on her Tumblr.

Dustin Nguyen also posted a pic of Link on his Tumblr.

With all the talk about Avengers 2, I wonder if we'll ever see Beta Ray Bill on the big screen? Here's a pic Mike McKone posted on his TwitPic page.

Michael Walsh posted this commission of Karate Kid vs. Midnight Sun on his Tumblr.

Hopefully we'll be seeing Black Widow in Avengers 2. Peter Nguyen posted this sketch of her on his Tumblr this week.

Freddie Williams II posed a couple nice Avengers-related sketches as well on his TwitPic page.

Ryan Stegman is also at Wizard World. Check out these sketches he posted on his Tumblr. Hopefully you picked up his first issue of FANTASTIC FOUR this week.

Marcio Takara posted a Catwoman commission on his Tumblr as well as a colored version of three DC ladies we posted here last week.

That's it for this week. Hopefully we'll be seeing some more sketches come out of Wizard World which I'll post next week if I come across any.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter@GManFromHeck. He'd like to see more characters drawn in the '80s High School' way.

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dat woman woman

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The Philip Tan stuff this week is great. Especially his Joker. Ever since Officer Downe, Chris Burnham has been one of my favorite artists. I'd like to see him featured more from week to week.

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that Dr Strange!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!

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I love that Catwoman. MEOW!

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Chris Burnham work is my favorite here, but everything looks fantastic.

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Obviously green would go better with that classic look, but it seems like the wrong shade/hue of green for Iron Fist.

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@BlackPookie said:

that Dr Strange!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!

Agreed as was the Wonder Woman

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Great stuff as always.

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Great art! Especially the Phillip Tan stuff.

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Classic Look for Danny: Green.

Current Costume? White. most definitely.

Love the Doc Strange, Thor and the Steampunk stuff.

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is it just me or I dont like Todd Nauck's drawings that much...

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that one reminds me of Norman rockwell's Soda Jerk 
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Denis Medri Shot first, he keeps getting better and better every week

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There was some awesome work this week. I really liked Philip Tan's stuff and I loved some of the other artists. More Iron Fist and Beta Ray Bill!

Luke is SO adorable!! I could totally believe he would dress as Marty McFly, and Lando was PERFECT!!

Challenge to Denis Medri! Draw Star Wars, Legion of Super-Heroes, and X-Men in 1930's Flash Gordon space style!

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You forgot this Denis M. Artwork

Yoda & Obi Wan
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Cant go wrong with Yoda .

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These are some of the best I've seen! Thank you.

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I love the Philip Tan wolverine and yoda.

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this is my fave

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@moywar700 said:

dat woman woman

This and also the High School Star Wars

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Philip Tan did an awesome job! I am really envious of his artwork

#23 Posted by crazyflashfan11 (182 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the steampunk versions are kinda growing on me.

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@KRYPTON : Denis added that to his Deviant Art page after I had gathered the others. I added it now. Thanks.

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So much great stuff it's hard to pick just a few out!

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Really like Denis Medri's take on a lot of characters and themes and that Mysterio is the best "alternate reality" piece for me!

Holy Pepperoni! The Taskmaster sketch is more than just a sketch, it is a piece of art! Incredible job by Robert Atkins.

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Tough to pick a favorite this week. Gonna have to go with the Star Wars biker gang, with the Batgirl/Supergirl/Wondergirl a close second.

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Lots of Batman = Lots of win

Also, I really like the Archie pic :D

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@G-Man said:

@KRYPTON : Denis added that to his Deviant Art page after I had gathered the others. I added it now. Thanks.

No problem, glad I could help. Your welcome.

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I really like those steampunk pics from Medri, but I love that Catwoman picture from Takara.
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@G-Man: Tony, who is that standing next to Lando ?

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Retro, and current goodies, excellent collection this weekend! =D

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Takara, very intriguing art

Secondly, Dazzler. I dare some writer to make her awesome, Walking around with a guitar does not sound like what i mean either.

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great stuff

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The 80's Star Wars are awesome! I also like Philip Tan's Joker and Takara's Carwoman.

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That Wonder Woman is great

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I love the 80s movie Star Wars stuff. I would actually like to see that get made.

And I think since the New 52 is rebooting so much, lest reboot Elongated Man and Sue. Bring them back, alive, happily married, and cool again.

Here is some stuff I got at the Comic Con 2012: Needham Comics (my character) Monkey Boy by Mike McKone and Erik Larsen.

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Man, oh man! Too much awesome work! 'Specially the stuff from Atkins.

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stegman!!! awesomeness

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really digging Taskmaster and Doc Strange art.

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@moywar700 said:

dat woman woman

ye said it!

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This art really well-done

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Some great and interesting artwork there.

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One question....Who is that supposed to be next to 80's Lando?

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@p_rixx said:
that one reminds me of Norman rockwell's Soda Jerk 
Jughead reminds me of Shaggy 
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@ldg220 said:

One question....Who is that supposed to be next to 80's Lando?

If you head to his Deviant Art page t says that it's Greedo. There's also a cool Nerdroids drawing there too.

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Love that Wonder Woman! ^^

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@PowerHerc said:

Great art! Especially the Phillip Tan stuff.

#50 Posted by Utandi (220 posts) - - Show Bio

Love it!