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Each week we search for cool comic art that won't appear in comics. The reason they won't appear in actual comics is because artists often post sketches and commissions on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. They're too cool to be missed. A lot of these artists even arrange commissions through their websites so be sure to check them out for more information. If you're aware of any comic artists' blogs that we're missing out on, be sure to let me know.

Being a holiday week, you can imagine that the amount of art posted isn't as much as usual. We did still find some really great pieces this week.

Brett Booth has a new issue of TEEN TITANS coming out this week. Check out the sketches he posted on his blog.

Marcio Takara posted some more commissions and 'tiny heroes' on his Tumblr. You can see the Spider-Man piece is just in the pencil stage. It's great seeing the progression. I assume he'll post the final version later.

Paolo Rivera's blog is always full of great stuff. He posts a lot of the process of his art. Here's a commission he posted along with a look at the pencils for his incredible cover for this week's AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #15.1.

Gene Gonzales posts his "Conventionless Convention Sketches" on his blog. Check it out for more information on how you can contact him for your own.

I'm not sure what to expect with the new NOVA series coming. Sam Alexander is a bit annoying in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. Still, it's a cool design as you can see from the character study Todd Nauck posted on his Instagram.

Chris Giarrusso posted some of his past holiday post cards on his website. He even sent me a personal one, "From one G-Man to another." And check out his Human Torch cover and Sparky commission.

Mahmud Asrar posted this Rei Ayanami (from NEO GENESIS EVANGELION) sketch on his Tumblr.

Denis Medri posted a Deadpool redesign and another Hobbit sketch on his Deviant Art page this week.

Ron Salas posted this great Milo Garret (from 100 BULLETS) piece on his site. I really should go back and read that entire series.

Milo by Ron Salas

J. Scott Campbell did some pieces for a "Good vs. Evil" exhibit at Downtown Disneyland WonderGround Gallery and posted them on his Deviant Art page. You can find out more about the gallery HERE.

Agnes Garbowska posted another commission she did at NYCC on her Tumblr.

Philip Tan posted some more great sketches on his Facebook page this week.

This last one sort of stretches our rules. Here's the logo-free look at this coming week's BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM New Years' issue Dustin Nguyen posted on his Tumblr.

That's it for this week and this year. Happy New Year to everyone. Here's to another great year of Awesome Art.

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so much awesomeness!!!

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todd nauck stop making me like characters i hate re..............................sist?

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Another great selection Tony! I don't know how Brett Booth has time for these great drawings

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Saw the Hobbit this past Wednesday. Really like the Denis Medri pic of the trolls.

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Brett Booth is just amazing

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Another great round-up! I particularly love the Brett Booth and Philip Tan pieces.

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yhat deadpool needs some sort one shot

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That J. Scott Campbell art is awesome.

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Why do people feel the need to repost half the pics in the comments section? Too much clutter.

It's good to see people still drawing Stephanie Brown despite that misogynist Dan Didio trying to erase her and other females from continuity.

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Dat Deadpool

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There is never a dull moment when the whole bat family is together .

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ha! love the alfred/santa cameo in the Brett Booth bat family pic.

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the nightwing one by brett was great

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Love this feature, it never disappoints.

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that Spider-man redesign by Brett Booth is awesome!!!

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Saw the Milo piece at the time he posted. It's the best thing that's been posted here.

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I love this one by Brett Booth, I just wish it could be in color.

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Oh my GOSH, there are some great artworks here! I'll have to shw my sister the Disney pieces real soon, as she is a huge Disney princess fan.


I want a better view of the Marvel and Image Charlie Brown dancing artworks!!! They look awesome!!

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yah im loving the Bat family by Brett Booth and Chris Giarrusso's Marvel/Charlie Brown chritsmas

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Everything here is incredible. Really don't dislike any piece at all. Not that I ever do really but this week, just all of the work is astounding. Glad to see J. Scott Campbell's work. I think that Black Bolt pencil by Tan is the best one I've ever seen rendered by anyone. Just...WOW!

Just so much awesomeness by all the artists.

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Love Cambell's Good vs. Evil pics. And the holiday kiddies :)

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SPOILER BLOCK AND SPOILER buttons are not working for me at all. They just delete my message. So warning! SPOILER images ahead! If you haven't read Amazing Spider-Man 700 don't look at these images! I repeate, SPOILER IMAGES AHEAD! I cannot hide them in spoiler no matter how hard I try or how many times. SPIDER-MAN 700 SPOILER IMAGES in this post!





SPOILERS: Marked these images as spoilers in case you guys haven't read Amazing Spider-Man #700 yet.Here are some of the variations Rivera did on his cover. My favorite is the one with Ock under the heavy machine while the building is flooding. (variation on that Ditko story).

I also love this cover by Ramos







SPOILER BLOCK AND SPOILER buttons are not working for me at all. They just delete my message. So warning! SPOILER images ahead! If you haven't read Amazing Spider-Man 700 don't look at these images! I repeate, SPOILER IMAGES AHEAD! I cannot hide them in spoiler no matter how hard I try or how many times. SPIDER-MAN 700 SPOILER IMAGES in this post!

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Omg is that baby Waller?

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I love Booth's art, but why does he always draw big ugly noses? And I love all the Spidey and J. Scott art.

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my favorite

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@Big_Nasty said:

There is never a dull moment when the whole bat family is together .

I like the Huntress hiding off to the side

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OMG the Disney pics are incredibly awesome!!

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Beautiful. Just Beautiful. If only it was in color.

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@G-Man: Gee, thanks mister!

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That Takara piece of a Batman/Spider-Man team up makes me kind of wish that DC would pull a Buried Alien.

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Huh, funny. The majority of the DC characters in this weeks art picks are actually in their New 52 costumes. I remember last week someone pointed out that artists usually choose to draw the pre-Flashpoint costumes, but here it looks like a complete 180 has been done on their preferences.

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Brett Booth's art... awesome.

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J. Scott Campbell's Disney pieces are totally awesome! Saw them earlier this week and they are GREAT! :)

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Batman looks like he's flying in that one with Spiderman. The Bret Booth stuff looks awesome.

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This is the best piece of art I've ever seen in this feature. Bar none.

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I'm starting to like Marcio Takara's drawings less and less, because of some of the weird ways he positions characters. For example, why is Batman flying behind Spider-Man?

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Booth's Bat Family is easily the most complex and well expressed piece.

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I sure do love Alfred's Santa hat.

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Philip Tan never ceases to amaze me. That Spiderman and Black Bolt are awesome

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@G-Man: WOW!!!