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Each week we gather up the best comic sketches that will never appear in actual comic books. The reason is, artists often do sketches and commissions and post them on their blogs, Tumblrs or Twitter pages. We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to check these beauties out. Many of the artists sell art on their sites or are available to do commissions so be sure to check them out.

Whenever we get some new Marcio Takara art, I always say we don't see enough. He posted some commissions on his Tumblr both in color and black and white.


== TEASER ==

Mike McKone posted some new sketches on his Twitpic page this week.

Skottie Young posted a sketch of Alvin from Paranorman on his website this week. He often posts 'Daily Sketches' and then offers them for sale. You have to be quick because they sell out right away.

Skottie also posted a commission of Spider-Man he did earlier because Duncan Fraser had contacted him and wanted to do a 3D version of it. Check them both out.

Denis Medri has been busy again. Last week we saw his Western version of Superman (which I'll post again below). He added some more Western versions of the Justice League on his Deviant Art page.

Agnes Garbowska posted more SDCC commissions on her Tumblrhttp://agnesgarbowska.tumblr.com/.

Todd Nauck has been dabbling with doing sketches on his iPad. He's been posting pics on his Twitter using SketchbookPro on iPad (w stylus) and the Paper53 app with stylus. Check out what he can do on the iPad.

Philip Tan added some sketches to his Facebook page (but hasn't posted them on his Tumblr). I assume these are SDCC commissions.

Have you read Matt Fraction and David Aja's HAWKEYE #1 this week, bro? Francesco Francavilla posted this nice pic of Hawkeye on his blog.

AVENGERS VS. X-MEN is still going on and Chris Giarrusso posted this sketch of Captain Marvel vs. Rogue on his site.

Chris also posted a Tribute Tuesday of the PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL.

Mike Mayhew did a commission of Magik and posted it on his Twitter.

Michael Walsh posted a recent commission as well on his Tumblr. This is Woodgod vs Wendigo.

That's it for this week. If you catch any comic book artists with blogs or Tumblrs that I've been missing, be sure to let me know. We'll have another installment next week.

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Love Phillip Tans Gmabit and the Wild-west JLA

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There were some great pieces. I liked the Western Green Arrow and Wonder Woman, but the Batman and Flash versions need work. Also, John Stewart was cool, I can see him dressed all eastern city style like that, but I WANT to see a western Hal Jordan.

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I so wanna read an Elseworlds western JLA story. The designs for Ollie and John Stewart are fantastic! I wish Francavilla's Hawkeye would have been a variant. Woulda snagged that up.

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LMAO I love the Western ones the most.

GL looks like a pimp and Green Arrow looks like a homeless man named Jasper.

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Selina ♥

#6 Posted by ComicMan24 (147456 posts) - - Show Bio

Tan's, Spidey and the WW JLA look great.

#7 Posted by Lvenger (23408 posts) - - Show Bio

Those steampunk Superman and Wonder Woman images were awesome!

#8 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

one thing i noticed is the Hawkeye's costume is very inconsistent among artists... anyways hurray for Finn!

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Wow that Spideyman really is eye-candy

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Man again with the chibi babyish crap. looks something a 4 year old would draw so why is it here (◣_◢)

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Some great looking stuff though sue's torso looks strange.

#12 Posted by Deranged Midget (18230 posts) - - Show Bio

The Steampunk images of the Justice League were brilliant, but you can't top the Incredibles!

#13 Posted by NXH (1031 posts) - - Show Bio

Love the Incredibles one

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I think this is my favorite Art Picks collection ever!

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*Year Of The Bro

#16 Posted by KRYPTON (2421 posts) - - Show Bio

Denis Medri really does an outstanding job, so did the other artist

#17 Posted by Twentyfive (2918 posts) - - Show Bio

That John Stewart one is awesome!

#18 Posted by ryu_talkative_batman (150 posts) - - Show Bio

Marcio Takara is always cool, but the Denis Medri Wonder Woman and Green Arrow are freaking cool.

#19 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29813 posts) - - Show Bio

That Mr. Freeze is amazing.

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I just wanted to quickly post a picture that I did earlier this week after seeing the Dark Knight Rises. Couldn't help notice similarities between Bane and other famous "Movie Monsters."

The Gooch

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That Hawkeye pic is sick..bro.

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Killer selection this week. I like McKone's Black Cat.

#23 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

McKone's female Rocketeer piece FTW I say!

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Im not really a comic book enthisuiast but those Phillip Tan sketches are fucking incredible. For some reason his sketches kinda had a 90s comic book cover vibe to them particularly the Xmen centric ones. The Gambit sketch in particular really stood out to me.

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Man oh man, just wow on all of the art.

That Skottie Young "Spideyman", sort of a Nightmare Before Christmas meets Spider-Man...is too awesome. I love love love it!

Philip Tan's art..especially that Mr. Freeze...whoa. McKon'es Bettie Page as Rocketeer is very sweet, Takara's work is incredible.

Thanks again for sharing all these, just too many to comment on, they all rock!

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@longbowhunter: There is a western JLI called the Justice Riders that has Wonder Woman, Ted Kord, Wally West, Booster Gold, and Guy Gardner as well as a few others that I can't recall off the top of my head.

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Holy shnit, Philip Tan's pics are amazing.

And if those are in fact SDCC commisions, then I'm going to have to save up for next year's convention. :P

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Denis Medri is fantastic as always, wish they would make a WW JLA comic, would cheesy but lots of fun.

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All great pics!! Tan's work was amazing and dug the Woodgod vs Wendigo piece.

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OMG!!! These are so cool! Philip Tan is in a league of his own and I love Denis Medri's western version of the DC characters.

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Oh wow another daily Scotti Young drawing.... Yawn

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I really like most of Philip Tan's art, and that 3D Spiderman sketch is very cool.  Also love the Western JL sketches.
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Kinda looks like Magik needs a new "breast plate"... key word breast. (The one on her left.)

All were great.

Philip Tan wins by a nose!

#36 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

Frank is so much better drawing hawkeye, why didn't he do hawkeye .....:.

#37 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (966 posts) - - Show Bio

@Goochmiester: That's really cool! Kudos.

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Philip Tan's stuff is absolutely breath taking. That's the sort of detailed style that all comics should be drawn in.

#39 Posted by Donovan Montgomery (5637 posts) - - Show Bio

Love the tribute covers and Mike's Magik is a sweet pic as well. 
Once again, nice picks.

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That Agnes work is just so damn cute.

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@Scheiner said:

@longbowhunter: There is a western JLI called the Justice Riders that has Wonder Woman, Ted Kord, Wally West, Booster Gold, and Guy Gardner as well as a few others that I can't recall off the top of my head.

That sounds awesome!

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Love the McKone Silver Surfer, very Kirby-esque

#44 Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k (4697 posts) - - Show Bio

Equally cool and great.


YOU drew that? Pretty good.

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Phillip Tan gets most of my praise this week. Still loving the Western JLA, hope more sketches come out with different styles

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Phillip Tan's Archangel

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There some really great talent here! With all this great talent makes it hard to compete

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Takara and Tan...WOW! And I love The Incredibles picture.

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@LordRequiem said:

Philip Tan's stuff is absolutely breath taking. That's the sort of detailed style that all comics should be drawn in.

It's very Jim Lee-esque.
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ha ha i love Denis Medris different looks on things. I like the Jon Stewart/Green Lantern Western one and the Flash probably the most.

that mr freeze by Phillip Tan is sweet too.