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We're back after taking a week off. Last week was New York Comic Con so there wasn't time to gather up all the cool art. Usually what happens is the artists themselves don't have time to upload them to their blogs, Tumblrs, etc. What we do here is look for all the cool comic art that won't appear in actual comics. Artists often do sketches and commissions. This gives them the chance to draw other characters they might not normally get to do when working on their assignments. Many of these artists even arrange commissions through their contacts on their sites. Be sure to check them out.

Peter Nguyen usually gets stuck being the first to do the Mystery Art Challenge at conventions. You'll see his result at the end of this post. He was cranking out the commissions all last weekend at NYCC. Check out his Tumblr for more. Pretty cool that I saw a couple of these before they were complete.


Chris Giarrusso was busy at NYCC. He took on our Mystery Art Challenge. He has a bunch of Image 20th Anniversary variant covers out and coming. Be sure to look for them. Check out these other pieces he posted on his site. DOOM!

Daniel HDR was at NYCC. He posted a few new sketches on his Tumblr as well as taking part in our Mystery Art Challenge.

I got to meet Michael Walsh at NYCC. He took the challenge and even gave me the first issue his upcoming Image comic, COMEBACK. Check out the art he posted on his Tumblr.

Agnes Garbowska also took on the Mystery Art Challenge at NYCC. She was super busy doing commissions all weekend. Hopefully she took lots of pictures of them and will post them on her Tumblr once she catches her breath. Here's some recent sketches including a Stitch as Green Lantern that was commissioned from our own ThomasD.

Paolo Rivera was another artist I got to meet at NYCC. Got to hear his idea for a book he's working on. Hope he was serious. I'd love to check it out. And you need to check out this Thanos commission he did before Boston Comic Con posted on his site.

Somehow I missed Mahmud Asrar at NYCC. Here's a sample of commissions he did posted on his Instagram.

Dan Parent is a really cool guy. I got this Sabrina sketch for my daughter and was tempted to get this (what I assume is) Veronica as Wonder Woman. I kind of regret not getting it now. And check out the Star Trek commission he posted on his Facebook page.

We've been missing Denis Medri's updates and he has some new posts on his Deviant Art Page. He still has it listed that he's doing commissions.

Joel Gomez has been busy doing sketches for the forthcoming Upperdeck 2012 Marvel Premier Sketch Card Set. He's been posting them on his Tumblr. Check out what he's posted so far.

Phil Noto had a gallery show open the other night (10/18) in NYC. I imagine it was a success. He gave away a limited Leon print to the first 50 people that arrived. #jealous. He posted these on his Tumblr.

Here's another sketch Philip Tan posted on his Facebook. Pretty haunting, I'd say.

Brett Booth does his best to post sketches every Saturday on his blog. We're totally fine if it's a day or two late since we look at the end of the week. Check out all this DC goodness. Batman, Superman and Shazam.

Mike McKone posted some of his commissions on his Twitter page as well.

And finally it's time to check out the Mystery Art Challenge if you missed it earlier this week. The way the challenge works, artist graciously agree to get challenged while the camera is rolling. They literally have no idea, no heads up what the challenge will require. I've always been hesitant to do Spider-Man but I know some of the artist I lined up (like Todd and Francis) really like Spider-Man and Agnes has her own zombie webcomic. So the challenge was "Spider-Man and a zombie."

Once the challenge is given, they have seconds to think about what they can draw. I think secretly they feel they're competing with each other and want to be sure they do something different. They're all extremely awesome and it's great they agree to do this so we can watch the drawing process.

Check out the video.

Here's the sketches so you can get a better view.

Peter Nguyen
Agnes Garbowska
Todd Nauck
Francis Manapul
Michael Walsh
Daniel HDR
Brian Buccellato

That's it for this week. I imagine we'll be seeing more when the artists at NYCC post the sketches they did on their websites.

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Philip Tan just rocked my eye sockets! Holy Frikkin Cannoli! Then Brett Booth adds more fuel with his beautiful work. Man...sweet stuff. I love Denis Medri 's Savage Dragon! Peter Nguyen rarely fails to disappoint....if ever. Dan Parent's Archie and the Gang as the Star Trek Crew. Yes! So much to gush over, love 'em all.

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Noto, Booth, Asrar, Nguyen <3

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The Batman Beyond drawing was probably my favorite. Terry's armor looked soooo cool.

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Mike McKone's Green Lantern, Agnes' Stitch Green Lantern, and Mahmud Asrar's watercolors were standouts for me.

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The Mike McKone stuff is solid this week. What character is that in the Philip Tan picture?

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I honestly don't get why Chris Giarrusso is on here every week. I mean, its cool to spotlight someone who utilizes a cartoonish style every once in a while, but to be honest I'm not a big fan of his art. It just looks childish. I'm not trying to be mean, but if he was actually put on the art duties of a comic that I was reading, I would drop it in a second.

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Oh Snap! Gwen Stacey is a ZOMBIE!

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I love that Brett Booth Art!

I also love that first Kid Flash picture!

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Archie Wonder Woman and DOOM!

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The Batman beyond one is amazing.

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@CitizenJP said:

The Batman Beyond drawing was probably my favorite. Terry's armor looked soooo cool.


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@Zeeguy91: then wat about agnes garbowska

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There are some good works of art here, but there are a couple where I don't reconize the subject.

Betty and Veronica's hairdos are perfect, but Jughead as Spock, not amusing.

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Phil Noto! Da best!

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I love the Brett Booth sketches.

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i like stich as the green lantern

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I love Booth's sketches.

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Did Manapul do a Zombie Doctor Guerrero with Spider-Man? lol

And what is up with Spider-Man's neck in Buccellato's drawing?

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batman beyond sketch was the best one. i really wish they would give him a serious comic book using the sketch above as a basis. doesnt even have to be set in the mainstream dc universe.

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Thank you for starting with Kamen Rider Kuuga's Ultimate form! Super awesome!

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All great works! Dan Parent's Archie stuff FTW for me this week though. Veronica as Wonder Woman for me is just so...GIGGITY...

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Love that Batman Beyond redesign 

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Carnage and Thanos look ballin'

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KAMEN RIDER KUUGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is my favorite type of Storm:

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2 words.

Phillip. Tan.

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omg Wally/ some Kid Flash! Rapoza's Thanos obviously wins the whole thread. Who's the character in the first picture there?

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Stitch= Disney

Disney = Marvel

Stitch+ Green Lantern = Awsome .

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this is amazing.
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Love the Asgarddian Storm

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whos the chick that looks like storm with a hammer

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Lot of cool work!

I usually just don't like Peter Nguyen that much, I think all of his figures are a little too thin and stiff but I really like that Kid Flash!

Love Chris Gs stuff and Daniel HDR's Kyle Rayner. Mike Walsh's work is really bold :) I like Mahmud Asrar's style.

Denis Medri's Batman Beyond looks AWESOME!

Phil Noto's work is swoon-worthy.

Tan's stuff is a little bus for me but that's a pretty intense Etrigan!

Booth's work is not my favorite but that's a pretty decent Shazam.

I have an art crush on Mike McKone. It's so beautiful.

Those Spider-Man vs Zombies are fun too!

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Brett Booth's art is gorgeous as always, so much skill...also love Denis Medri's Batman Beyond

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i like the joker pointing the gun at himself.

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@Hymmis said:

Thank you for starting with Kamen Rider Kuuga's Ultimate form! Super awesome!

@fenrirfear93 said:

KAMEN RIDER KUUGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Rising Ultimate Kuuga looks so badass and awesome !!! I love Nguyen :D I wonder if he liked Decade's or original Kuuga better

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Awwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeaaaaaah!!!

Lovin' me that Phil Noto artwork!

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Amazing. Love these. Wish I could draw!

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HAHA spiderman one with the chcik trying to eat kiss him was funny

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@Zeeguy91 said:

I honestly don't get why Chris Giarrusso is on here every week. I mean, its cool to spotlight someone who utilizes a cartoonish style every once in a while, but to be honest I'm not a big fan of his art. It just looks childish. I'm not trying to be mean, but if he was actually put on the art duties of a comic that I was reading, I would drop it in a second.

I agree 100% I appreciate his ability, but all his stuff reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbs strip about Spaceman Spiff. Dumbing down a comic character to a 5th grade level only goes so far in my opinion.

Likewise the stuff by Agnes G is a turn off. I can see artwork like this at Fisherman's Wharf any weekend of the year. Drawing big-headed doe-eyed versions of established characters is a rip off of genuine work.

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seems like some of the artists are always on this page.

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mand that Baron Blood is sick

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Who's better then Mohawk Storm? Mohawk Storm Goddess of Thunder.

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I think the color of Betty's Starfleet shirt is a bit off. Is it just me or does it look green or like aqua marine?