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This is the point in the week we gather up the coolest comic book art that you will never see in actual comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun or commissions and post them on their blogs, Tumblrs and websites. Many artists even pre-arrange commissions on their sites so be sure to check them out for more information.

Last week Todd Nauck posted a sketch cover commission for an issue of BATTLE OF THE ATOM on his Tumblr. This week he posted a colored version along with a couple other pics.

Clay Mann posted a 90s version of Havok he did in Tokyo on his Tumblr.

Yildiray Cinar posted a few sketches recently on his Instagram.

Ryan Stegman posted some more sketches on his Tumblr this week.

Marcio Takara is still posting commissions on his Tumblr. Check out when he posts the various stages of his art. Really cool to see.

Paolo Rivera posted an Ant-Man commission on his blog that he did earlier this year at Supercon.

Philip Tan finally posted a new sketch on his Facebook. It's been a while. And, before you say anything, he realized afterwards that he gave Longshot an extra finger.

Chris Giarrusso posted a few new sketches on his website this week.

Adam Kubert posted a charity raffle sketch on his Tumblr that he did at NYCC.

Denis Medri posted a couple new sketches on his Deviant Art Page.

Daniel HDR posted some recent commissions on his Tumblr. He also started a YouTube channel where he'll be posting some "making of" videos soon.

Chris Burnham posted some more sketches last weekend on his Twitter from Comikaze.

Joel Gomez posted some more sketch covers and an UpperDeck card on his Tumblr.

Michael Walsh posted this Hawkeye commission on his Tumblr he did at NYCC. He asked to excuse the "crappy phone resolution" but it looks great to me.

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway posted this Young Justice commission on his Deviant Art Page.

Check out this Winter Soldier sketch Declan Shalvey posted on his Instagram page.

Mike McKone posted a FrakenCastle sketch and a Death pic (colored by @iscariotic) on his Twitter.

Gabriel Hardman is ready to watch a bunch of classic Noir films and posted this groovy sketch on his blog.

Mahmud Asrar posted a bunch of commissions he did this year on his Tumblr.

That's it for this week. Let us know if you come across any other artists with blogs or Tumblrs that we're missing. We'll be back next time with more great art.

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All fantastic, but I gotta say that it was Asrar's work that really caught me this night around.

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Love all the Chris Burnham stuff. Clay Mann's Havok is awesome.

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I'm becoming really fond of Mahmud Asrar's art.

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@armiv2 said:

All fantastic, but I gotta say that it was Asrar's work that really caught me this night around.

I'm becoming really fond of Mahmud Asrar's art.

Yes, and I already am. He's been amazing on Hulk and Supergirl (coves).

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Hawkeye forgot to string his bow.

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Amazing as usual, my favorite one ^^

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Love that Havok!

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Funny that "death" is the best of the bunch.

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Awesome overload this week.

90s havok is ftw

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Brunham's art just isn't my taste, it's part of the reason I had so much trouble with Batman Inc, had a hard time with the story, and the art just wasn't pleasant to the eyes. On the other-hand the work by Nauck, Galloway and Asrar is beautiful as always. Also for those who keep up, I just posted my deviantArt Picks for the week as well.

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That's it for this year? What the hell does that mean?!? Hopefully a typo since I really enjoy this segment

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I love Death of the Endless :)

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I'm really liking the Death drawing here. Stands out the most too.

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"That's it for this year."


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Love Pixie

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Clay Mann needs to be on another book right NOW!!!

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not much to look at this week

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TYPO! thank god I love these. wait for it all week.

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Those pics were nice!

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That Lego Heretic killing Lego Damian was equal parts awesome and equal parts messed up man!

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90's Havoc looks awesome. That's my favorite design for Havoc. Marvel should use this design again.

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That Burnham Black and White sketch cover is pretty great. I'm pretty jealous of whoever got their hands on it.

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Zatanna <3 Kubert's Damian Batman is awesome too.

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Favorites from this week

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Great art once again.

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Chris Burnham's homage to Steranko (?) is awesome, like everything else here.

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90s Havok was superb.

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Just when you think the last week's picks can't be beaten *boom* a selection like this happens, so many great picks yet again.

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@jaymundo: Funny (and sad) how there's always a couple that feel the need to say "there's nothing good here" each week. Imagine the standards they must have.

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seeing that Paolo Rivera Ant-Man makes me want a Waid & Rivera Ant-Man comic

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so many awesome pieces, love all the batman ones.

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@g_man: I always wonder that too. They must have some superiority-complex or they think very "highly" of themselves. -____- Anyways, I really love that Havok one and I thought the Lego version of Damian'd death was pretty funny. lol

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Those pics were nice

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Huzzah for Tan.

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damian :,(

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I really like Tan's Longshot... but I have to be 'that' guy and point out that he has too many fingers.... it's still a fantastic piece though! Clay Mann's art has always impressed me and this is a reminder that he needs a premiere title to draw.

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Always love to see some classic Ms Marvel.

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Someone, please bring back Damian already so that I can stop crying.

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dude just give Todd Nauck an X-Men book already

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Awesome stuff :)

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I really like the Havok, Kate Bishop, Longshot (though he actually only has three fingers plus thumb...) and Hawkguy pieces!

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Can Clay Mann draw everything, please?