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Each and every week we gather up the best comic book art that you will not see in comics. The reason you won't is because artists often do sketches for fun and commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Many artists often arrange commissions through their sites so check them out for more detail if you're looking to own a cool original piece. Last weekend was Emerald City Comic Con. Some of our 'regular' artists here were there and posted some of the sketches they did. Also, in case you missed it, you'll find the video and images from the Mystery Art Challenge conducted at the con.

Phil Noto posted this stunning Scarlet Witch image yesterday on his Tumblr. He also posted an older/current(?) version of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

== TEASER ==

Skottie Young was at ECCC. Here's some sketches he posted on his Tumblr.

Chris Samnee continues to post great sketches on his blog. Let's hope he continues to do so each week.

Dustin Nguyen took part in the Mystery Art Challenge. You'll see his sketch down below with the others. Here's a couple pics he posted on his Tumblr. Looks like he's hoping for a Li'l Gothams black and white statue.

Mahmud Asrar posted some more pre-show commissions from Comic Action Essen 2012 on his Tumblr.

Marcio Takara posted some commissions from ECCC on his Tumblr.

Michael Walsh also took part in the Mystery Art Challenge. He also posted this Venom sketch on his Tumblr.

Terry Dodson posted a few commissions from ECCC on his Deviant Art page.

Peter Nguyen usually ends up being the first in the Mystery Art Challenges. It just works out that way. You can see his entry below. Here's some commissions he did at ECCC, posted on his Tumblr.

Robert Atkins posted some new sketches on his blog this week. Check out the SPIDER-MAN cover reproduction.

Agnes Garbowska also took the Mystery Art Challenge. Here's some pics she posted on her Tumblr.

Peter Krause has been doing some Batman villain sketches. He posted black and white and colored versions on his Twitter page.

Check out the Havok pic Todd Nauck posted on his Tumblr.

Joel Gomez posted a couple new sketches on his Tumblr. Check out his Kiani pic and a quick sketch of Bowser.

Brett Booth posted some new sketches on his blog. He also posted a couple creator owned characters. The last sketch is a character he calls Parsec.

Chris Giarrusso posted another sketch cover on his website.

Gabriel Hardman posted some of his ECCC sketches on his blog.

Francis Manapul recently did a sketch of Billy Batson/Shazam for a friend and posted work in progress pics on his Instagram.

Artists often get...interesting commission requests. Here's one that Brian Buccellato did at ECCC. I knew he wouldn't post it anywhere so I took a pic of it before he gave it to the lucky lady. I'm sure you can figure out who's in the sketch.

Earlier this week, I posted the video of the Mystery Art Challenge. Basically it involves a familiar character and a random object. The artist don't know ahead of time. You see their reaction on camera and they have seconds to decide what to draw. This challenge was Green Arrow...and coffee.

Here's full scans on the pics.

Peter Nguyen
Michael Walsh
Dustin Nguyen
Derek Fridolfs
Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
Brian Buccellato
Agnes Garbowska

There's a good chance for another Mystery Art Challenge at WonderCon in a few weeks.

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All cool

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Oooooh, so much greatness!

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Really epic batch of pics. I love this one.

Omg and this one

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I'm particularly impressed by Mahmud Asrar's Thor, Black Cat and Super Girl, but I'm partial to his style to begin with.

The whole portfolio this week is outstanding!

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I think that second Brett Booth sketch is actually Tempest? (Looks a lot like him)

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@Outside_85 said:

I think that second Brett Booth sketch is actually Tempest? (Looks a lot like him)

yup.It is the "nu52 Tempest".He mentioned in his blog .

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Great Scarlet witch and Harley

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This week....the everyone! Wow wow wow! Thanks for sharing all these, can't even begin to decide which is my favorite because they all are.

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All the beautiful art here but I just love that Galactus one.

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Peter Krause, where's he been since Irredeemable ended ? Looking good here. Skottie Young's stuff is usually a little hit or miss with me. That being said his Delirium might be one of my favorite things ever.

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All Great choices

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That Shazam piece by Manpul is freaking amazing.

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I liked the Thanos one. It made my day. :)

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The Older Luke Skywalker and Robin on the back of the T-Rex are amazing.

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here is a long lost cover by Kevin Maguire for Worlds Finest number 10. I thought it was very good and wanted to share the image with you since it wont be seen in comics since it was replaced by the Damian cover which was also good.

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WOW! This whole post is just... <3

Especially love noto's Scarlet Witch and nguyen's Wondy

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That Luke Skywalker one is pretty cool. Shame even Hamill hasn't looked that well since the 90's...

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A fantastic selection this week! Phil Noto, Mahmud Asrar, Terry Dodson, Brett Booth in particular.

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The Calvin and Hobbs sketch is too cute. And that woman who requested a sketch of a butt: she has issues.

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Could you imagine a series in which Agnes Garbowska drew the adults (JL, Avengers, Xmen, etc) and Skottie Young drew the younger heroes (Teen titans, young justice, young avengers, etc).


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@longbowhunter said:

Peter Krause, where's he been since Irredeemable ended ? Looking good here. Skottie Young's stuff is usually a little hit or miss with me. That being said his Delirium might be one of my favorite things ever.

He's been doing INSUFFERABLE with Mark Waid. Aaaaaaand, you can read it for Freeeeeeeee!

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The Mystery challenge is a creative and fun thing to watch - thanks for doing it. As for the pieces themselves; Not's Skywalker, Dodson's Phoenix and Nauck's Havok get the nods.

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That's a lot of Wonder Woman :D

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Of course the mystery art challenge was going to be coffee! It's Seattle, what else?!? LOL.



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Dat Cassandra Cain artwork 0_0

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Mahmud asrar is not someone I was aware of but I'll be keeping an eye out for him now. Pretty awesome. Love any Cassandra Cain art. Phil Noto proving once again he draws beautifully but struggles with women's faces

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they are all so good

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Mahmud Asrar's art is phenomenal.

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That is the best I have ever seen someone draw Poison Ivy. WOW

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Love all the images this week but I have to go with Scarletwitch and Delirium for my fave.

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This weeks art has been one of the better ones in a while. Not that they're are not good EVERY week, but for some reason there are lot more stand outs then usual. Sometimes looking at some of these makes me want read a book in just black and white.

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Old Man Skywalker FTW for me...go Noto!

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Those Green Arrow picks were hilarious.

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That first Gomez pic is gorgeous, combination of line and colour. And Peter Krause's Two-Face is kicking ass. I love it. anyone else here starting to get annoyed at Mahmud Asrar's ridiculously sexualized heroine's? Cause at this point I just can't his work seriously anymore, it's objectified to the point of banality.