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Each week we're on the look out for the coolest comic book art that will never be printed in comic books. The reason they won't be is artists often draw sketches and commissions and post them on their blogs and Tumblrs. It's a way for them to experiment and work on characters that might not normally appear in the books they're currently working on. The pieces are simply way too good to go unseen.

Ever since Michael Walsh first appeared on this feature, he's made an appearance every week. Not only is his art worthy but he continues to post many wonderful pieces each week on his Tumblr. We've been seeing a lot of teasers for the upcoming Spider-Man/Doc Ock event, Ends of the Earth. Check out this classic-style image of the two.

That's not all he's posted. Check out his version of Skinner Sweet and a commission request he got for M.I.A. dressed as Wonder Woman.

Dustin Nguyen has been experimenting and posting different things on his Tumblr. Be sure to check them out along with these two Bat-related pieces.

Remember when we did our Art Challenge with several different artists, Catwoman as a Green Lantern? Freddie Williams II posted a commission he was asked to do. Jason Todd as a Red Lantern and posted it on Twitter.

Speaking of red, Paolo Rivera seems to constantly get asked to draw characters with a red theme (besides the fact he's drawing DAREDEVIL) and thankfully he posts them on his blog. Check out his version of Carnage.

Since we're on a red theme, how about another red-head, Scarlett along with Baroness by Phil Noto?

Phil also posted this Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler on his Tumblr.

Mike Mayhew keeps busy during the week. He's posted a few different pieces on his Twitter as well as his Comic Art Fans site. Check out his sketch covers that he does as "morning warm-ups."

Joel Gomez has posted several card and cover sketches this week on his Tumblr. Definitely keep an eye out for his convention schedule to find out where he'll make an appearance.

Agnes Garbowska is another person you should look for at conventions. Her art (and personality) will definitely brighten your day. Check out her robin following Robin, Star Wars sketch cards and Lumpy Space Princess! Check out her Tumblr for more.

Peter Nguyen is getting his convention schedule ready. He seems to be working on a big piece and posted the beginning of it on his Tumblr.

Todd Nauck posted another character sketch on his Tumblr. This time he drew Magik.

Gene Gonzales posted this little sketch last weekend on his blog. He referred to is as a doodle but this is what I love about artists. They can just whip out a great sketch with minimal effort. Take a look at his Zatanna.

We're going to round out this week with some more Robert Atkins art. He posted a few pieces on his blog.

That's it for this week. Let us know what you thought of these selections. Be sure to check keep an eye out for all the awesome art on the internet.

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I want a bust of that Carnage art.

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YES! I love these!

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It's disheartening that some of these extremely talented artists whose work is featured above don't have a formal career in the industry, yet morons who draw like their fingers are broken *cough* Romita Jr. *cough* work on multiple titles.

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Holy Awesome! These are good pics! My Fav is the Steve Rogers pointing at me with the glove finger. (I don't know why but that's a cool drawn glove finger! Rockin'!)

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Great collection! love the Adventure Time stuff! :)

And that Carnage is freaking awesome.

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I can't wait to see what that Peter Nguyen piece looks like when it's finished

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That last X-men one.. it looked like Rick Grimes to me aha

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Agnes Garbowska's art is so cuddly cute! I love it!!!

Can't wait to see the finished product of Peter Nguyen's piece. I also love Robert Atkins' style a lot!

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i love the dustin neygun ones

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Didnt enjoy this gallery

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I really like how Phil Noto draws women in a attractive, yet realistic style. I can't stand how the majority of artists draw women in comics in a porny way.

There should be some changes about that.

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@Miss_Garrick said:

I really like how Phil Noto draws women in a attractive, yet realistic style. I can't stand how the majority of artists draw women in comics in a porny way.

There should be some changes about that.

I love phil noto's art but most of his women have the same face. Go back an loo at this feature in past weeks and you see it

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Uhm...has anyone noticed Rick Grimmes from"the walking dead" reloading in an x-men panel,or is it just me?

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Skinner Sweet :D
So Rick Grimes is part of the x-men now?

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Nguyen's X-Men piece will look great when it's finished, maybe they should put it on a stand at there funeral after Bendis kills them also Skinner Sweet is awesome 

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Nguyens looks extremely promising. What elation when the X-men are drawn well.

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Wow, Doc Ock vs Spidey looks amazing as does Wesley Snipes Blade, Snake Eyes and Classic X-men. I miss the classic Cyclops costume.

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That carnage one is freakin sweeeeeeet! As is the adventure time one

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The M.I.A. Wonder Woman looks pretty cool.

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MIA from the "Jimmy" video??
I can't wait to see the 90's X-Men piece when its done

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I need to get a Phil Noto commission, his stuff is always amazing. Great post this week, thanks!

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That is one awesome Skinner Sweet :D

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Adventure Time!!!!! :) That was awesome! These are ALL amazing!

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I love these articles! The artwork is always sooooogood. When I go to Dragon Con in August/September I hope to be able to get some quick sketches from people.

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@ARMIV2 said:

YES! I love these!

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Phil Noto is so awesome but does anyone else think tha his Scarlett looks a bit like Squirrel Girl?

#28 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

Mayhew's X-23 is a normal-teeth version of his vampire variant.

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Carnage looks the best. I'd also like to see the finished product of that incomplete picture from Peter Nguyen

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Is that Baroness and Snake Eyes?

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Nauck's impressions of Magick are outstanding if you have any idea how most folks who speak Cyrillic look like. Her facial structure is spot on - it almost looks like a nouveau Art Adams going back to X-Men Classic.

Mayhew's use of facial expression in his 'Uncle Sam meets Steve Rogers' is outstanding. From the way the eyebrows cant to the pull at his mouth you can tell he's telling you to enlist today !

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walking dead meets x-men...lovin it

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These are all kinda..."meh"

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Why is mike copying himself? LOL

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Why are these people not working as comic book artists!!!!

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@thatlad: you are correct. Lots of comic artists do that. Jack Kirby is really bad at drawing women, they always have the exact same shape and face but he just has the hair color different for each one and expects us to not notice.

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The Rick Grimes was a cover recreation request of Tony Moore's Walking Dead 1. I signed it "Atkins after Moore". These are done on comics printed with a blank cover, for the purpose of sketching on them. Mike's recreation of his own cover was no doubt a similar request. Nearly every artist I know would avoid complete recopying a previous pose or compostion so exactly unless it was requested.

Thanks for all the kind words!

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and Skinner has a straw on his hat why?

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@Whoa said:

Why are these people not working as comic book artists!!!!

I know right? So many top quality drawings here.

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skinner and ADVENTURE TIME!

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This art is so hot, i think i just got wood.

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Phil Noto is teh sex.

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@SexualLobster said:

That last X-men one.. it looked like Rick Grimes to me aha

It is. Its the cover of issue 1

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Batfinn owns. Fact.

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Amazing artwork!

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I'm not a fan of Todd Naucks art. His characters are always positioned in the same way