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It's hard to believe just a week ago San Diego Comic-Con was underway. It's always a great time to get to see the artists in action in Artist Alley. They do a lot of sketches and commissions and usually post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblr accounts. This is a gathering of some of the best we've been able to find. If you're interested in commissions from them and can't make it to a convention, check out their sites to see if they do any through their websites.

Skottie Young had a last minute change of plans and couldn't make it to Comic-Con. He was able to post this great Spongebob Zombie daily sketch on his website. When he posts daily sketches, they are available for sail and are sold pretty much right away.

== TEASER ==

Skottie also did a daily sketch for Michael Avon Oeming's MICE TEMPLAR.

Gabriel Hardman was at Comic-Con but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see him. Check out these great sketches posted on his website.

You've probably seen Agnes Garbowska's entry in the Mystery Art Challenge video. She was pretty busy at the convention with a long list of commissions. She was kind enough to make time for us. Check out the commissions she posted from Oz Comic as well as SDCC posted on her Tumblr.

Dustin Nguyen wasn't able to do the challenge this time but he posted this little sketch of Princess Leia on his Tumblr.

A couple weeks ago we saw some steampunk versions of Spider-Man and Kraven by Denis Medri. Threre are more Spider-Man villain to see. When can we get a Marvel Steampunk comic? Check out what's been posted on his Deviant Art page.

It was great seeing Chris Giarrusso as well. He did the challenge but posted some art on his site as well. Check out his Creature from the Black Lagoon and a couple Tribute Tuesdays and posted on his website.

You can check Joel Gomez's entry in the challenge further down. Here's a couple other sketches he posted on his Tumblr this week.

Daniel HDR recently has drawn quite a few character and posted them on his Tumblr. There's lots of good stuff here.

Peter Nguyen did the art challenge again. It's funny because he usually ends up being the first person I find at the conventions. A couple weeks ago we saw his sketch of the Robins. Now we can see the finished product along with other sketches he posted on his Tumblr.

Freddie Williams II posted some of the commissions he did at SDCC on his TwitPic page.

You'll be seeing Todd Nauck's Mystery Art Challenge entry in just a moment but here's a couple sketches he posted this week on his Tumblr.

Philip Tan was supposed to do the art challenge. Each time we talk beforehand and say we're going to make it happen. We just keep missing each other. Some day! But for now, here's a pic of Sif he posted on his Tumblr.

Michael Walsh posted a commission of Donna Summer and Dazzler on his Tumblr this week. He also did an Ant-Man sketch.

Robert Atkins posted a few sketches this week on his blog. He also posted a couple of his pieces colored by Simon Gough. Looks so good!

It's funny but Paolo Rivera did a Wacky Reference Wednesday post of Batman with a cake on his blog. Pretty close to the current Mystery Art Challenge topic.

And with that, let's revisit the Mystery Art Challenge that I kept bringing up.

The idea is at conventions, I film artist drawing a familiar character with a random object. They all get the same challenge and they don't get a time before to think about it. The camera rolls and they are issued the challenge. They then have mere moments to try to come up with something worthy of the video. Here's the video if you didn't catch it the other day:

Loading Video...

And here's scans of the actual art:

Peter Nguyen
Todd Nauck
Chris Giarrusso
Brian Buccellato
Joel Gomez
Agnes Garbowska
Francis Manapul

And I have to say, it was totally Francis' idea to bring back Doctor Guerrero for his entry.

That's it for this week. Be sure to check out next week's edition. If you know of any comic book artists with blogs or Tumblrs that deserve to be featured here, let me know.

Tony Guerrero is the Editor-in-Chief of Comic Vine. You can follow him on Twitter@GManFromHeck. He is definitely going to be eating some cake today.

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Amazing stuff as always!

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I really love those steam-punk Spider-Man drawings. So good.

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Steampunk and Agnes artwork are my favorites.

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lol Dr. Guerrero better not be as married as the man that inspired his creation...

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The steampunk stuff was awesome.

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I loved the Flash art and All of the Wonder Woman's

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Love the steampunk stuff.

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The Steampunk stuff looks awesome! Paolo Rivera's stuff is always pretty boss, too.

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If Skottie Young was actually working on Mice Templar I might read it o.o

Those steampunk Spider-Man villains are pretty awesome.

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The Batman and Wonder Woman cake sketches are hilarious.

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Freddie's stuff is always amazing and I want Agnes' Oracle.

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A lot of AWESOME WORK! Gabriel Hardman and Scottie Young are always extremely impressive! Those steam punk Spider Villains were sick! And i wish Dustin Nyugen and Paolo Rivera had more stuff for this, this week. And i do really enjoy Todd Nauck!

But i just don't see any appeal in Freddie Williams work at all. Blegh. And Peter Nyugen is not very good at all either.

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Robert Atkins' work with the coloring by Gough really work great; they look like official covers. Philip Tan's Sif has to be the best rendition of her I've ever seen. Wow!

Natch', those steampunk Spidey villains are incredible. In fact, those versions are better than the regular MU Spidey villains! That Vulture just works on all levels, as does the Doc Ock! Great art by all the talented artists!

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Excellently detailed pictures of Sif and Darkhawk. Any picture of Dr. Doom is brilliant also. Hail Doom!

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Why did I read the "not enough candles" as "not enough noodles" upon first glance?

Oh, mind, you're so silly.

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Tony, You forgot one.

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Great work!

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From top to bottom this is probably the most solid collection to date, all of the entries are excellent. The Spider-villians, Wonder Woman and Birthday cake, Lady Sif, and the Robin's all excellent stuff

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today's stuff is like....WOW!!

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Peter Nguyen's Nightwing/Robin piece FTW...but I love and want all of these regardless

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A lot of great ones this week. Medri can keep doing those steam punk ones forever as far as I'm concerned. I've saved every one of them.

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@DarthStorm said:

Tony, You forgot one.

That is very good. Saved.

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Very awesome stuff on here ;) MAAAAN I LoveChris Giarrusso's style :3

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@CitizenJP said:

I really love those steam-punk Spider-Man drawings. So good.

I would LOVE a Steampunk Spidey series, like Spider-Man noir

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ZombieBob Deadpants ftw!
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@Webjaker said:

@CitizenJP said:

I really love those steam-punk Spider-Man drawings. So good.

I would LOVE a Steampunk Spidey series, like Spider-Man noir

THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! Omg. Seriously it'd be a sick idea. ;o

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As always, great artwork!

Spelling error alert in Skotty Young's section. Currently, this is what appears: "When he posts daily sketches, they are available for sail and are sold pretty much right away."

I think you meant to say "sale" instead of "sail". As in "When he posts daily sketches, they are available for sale and are sold pretty much right away."

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All of that, including that tribute piece, are amazing.

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@CitizenJP said:

@Webjaker said:

@CitizenJP said:

I really love those steam-punk Spider-Man drawings. So good.

I would LOVE a Steampunk Spidey series, like Spider-Man noir

THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! Omg. Seriously it'd be a sick idea. ;o

Seriously, and the art is already drawn ...

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@DarthStorm: Thanks

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Quite a few good ones, will certainly need to make a trip to comic con some year....

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What happened to Big Barta's eye...?

Space Ghost... my hero.

Is that Zatanna in M.M.'s arms?

And ALL the "Steampunk Spider-man" art should ALREADY be in a museum!

Not one bad drawing in the bunch!

Great stuff!

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The steam punk venom was pretty badass they should do a story on that

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Paolo Rivera drawing Batman is amazing. And steampunk spider-man is so awesome.

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love the steampunk stuff

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I really don't get why Agnes is featured here.

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@DarthStorm said:

Tony, You forgot one.

Yep, Batman would feel guilty. I mean, it was his movie, and he couldn`t stop the one who killed those people.

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this weeks was amazing!

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Great art

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I would LOVE a steam-punk series, whether it was Spidey or Batman. That stuff is just so cool.

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Nightcrawler is great

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Dazzler and Donna Summer,woot!

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love the zombie spongebob

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Spongebob and two-face are my favorites.

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I want to see Agnes do Hellboy.

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Some Ant-Man love this week

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@fluffypigeons: that's my fave!!!

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Wow - awesome stuff!!