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Each week we gather up the greatest comic book art that you won't see in actual comics. The reason you won't is because artists often draw for fun or for commissions and post them on their websites, blogs and Tumblrs. Some of them even arrange commissions through their sites, so be sure to check them out for more information.

Just a note, with Thanksgiving this week, looks like we ended up with a little less art than we usually find.

Each week Brett Booth posts a character sketch on his blog. This week, Brett posted a lot of art including what appears to be a sketch of Batgirl in the pages of TEEN TITANS #15. Always great to comic pages in their early stages.

== TEASER ==

Have you seen Denis Medri's 'Rockabilly Batman' sketches on his Deviant Art page? They are pretty dang cool and it turns out someone's created a Facebook Fanpage to try to get DC to move forward with making this a reality. Head on over there to 'like' the page.

Marcio Takara's been posting more "tiny heroes" on his Tumblr. Check out what he's posted this week.

Imagine what it'd be like to have someone like Freddie E. Williams II as your uncle. He posted some sketches that he drew for his niece and nephews (the girl sketch is a "Popstar Princess Barbie" in case you were wondering). Check out his TwitPic page for some work-in-progress pics of Mario.

Every time I see Chris Giarrusso draw a Marvel character, it makes me long for his MINI-MARVEL comics. Check out these sketches he posted on his site.

Joel Gomez posted a cool sketch of Mr. Freeze on his Tumblr along with a couple more Marvel/UpperDeck sketch cards.

Daniel HDR posted some more sketches and commissions on his Tumblr this week.

Todd Nauck posted some more sketches on his Tumblr using copic sketch markers, Kuretake brush pens, Pigma Micron markers and a Bic Wite Out pen. Always amazing stuff.

Peter Nguyen is over in Japan right now but he still posted a couple sketches on his Tumblr this week.

Mike McKone posted this lovely sketch on his TwitPic page on Thanksgiving.

Guess who forgot to check Terry Dodson's Deviant Art page lately? He posted some more NYCC commissions on there this week as well as some the past few weeks.

Hopefully you've seen Wreck-It Ralph by now. Check out this sketch Skottie Young posted on his website.

That's it for this week. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for the next installment of Awesome Art Picks. If you know of any comic artists with blogs or Tumblrs that I've been missing, shoot me a p.m. to let me know.

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Nice. Loved that Black Cat.

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Loved them all this week! especially all of the Brett Booth pieces!

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Love that Colossus, but he's a bit too thin IMO. (maybe I'm just used to everybody drawing him as a silver Hulk nowadays). And, is it just me, or has Ms. Marvel's bust size tripled in the last few weeks?

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they should really change starfire's mask to

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@jesusdisciple001: You mean Sunfire don't you? But yeah, his mask does look a bit outdated,

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prettty storm

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@Comicman1000: yeah thanks

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Great art picks! I love the sketches by Terry Dodson, Freddie Williams III, and Brett Booth.

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Great stuff!

Is this a shout out to Bond's 50th anniversary?

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Wow this was a good week.

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That Tiny Heroes She Hulk is Adorable =D

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Brett Booth kickin' even more tail this week. Sweet! Yay! Terry Dodson! Hmm...ALL look wonderful but that Storm is great.

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That Batgirl and Black Cat.

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Yeah for Mario.

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the mini marvel characters are pretty good!

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Freeze and Invisible Woman are my faves.

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Awesome showing as usual! I really like this feature!

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Gosh, I love Brett Booth's work!

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The Terry Dodson stuff is great. I like especially Sif :-)

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Love the first five pics.

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Freakin' sweet!

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I always love Brett Booth's sketches.

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I can't tell if that's a zombified Rick, or Jonah Hex. Cool either way.

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BRETT BOOTH killin it again. the dude is awesome!

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Dat Wolverine ass.

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@kid Apollo: I'll 2nd that, AWESOME!

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Booth's Colossus, Gomez's Freeze take the cake - just not the cheesecake. That goes to Dodson.

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Brett Booth The detail! The anatomy! I'm so glad he doesn't increase the bust and booty on his girls.

Also tiny heroes = qt

And omg terry dodson, i'm weeping. I miss Felicia.

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Why oh why doesn't Black Cat have her own series... sigh

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love the nightwing one. man i would love to have that one.

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Dodson's work rules. His Black Cat stuff, simply the best I say. Other than that, McKone's Walking Dead piece was great...though I am ashamed to admit for a quick moment I thought that to be Jonah Hex and not Rick. Honest mistake, right?

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I love this stuff :)

that firestorm is amazing..... along with everything else.

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Always loved Booth's art but that Young Justice TV Nightwing is AMAZING!!!! He should start rocking that in the comics the way Bppth drew that!! Nice work all around though! I've seen a lot of Medri's work, and it's all great!! He's got some very cool re-imginings.

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Booth sure does have a fascination with big noses. Love the Wreck-It Ralph sketch.

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I appreciate how Terry Dodson changes the faces for the female characters in his art, but it does seem that they have a similarity in body-type even when some should look more athletic, slender or muscular than other women. That said, I'm nitpicking, because Terry doesn't force them all into porn star-like, Playboy Bunny proportions :)

Brett Booth's drawings look great!!! I really like the Nightwing and Wonder Girl renderings.