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I don't remember posting these when I finished them a few months back during convention season, hope you guys like ehm!


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@Quirky: instant win man, very impressive skills :)

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seen a lot of your art on the DA, most epic! 
dude what i'd do to have that skill =) 
Amazing, truely awe-ifying-ly awesome!
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@Quirky: Absolutely amazing work Very impressive, professional, and just top drawer.

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@Decept-O said:

@Quirky: Absolutely amazing work Very impressive, professional, and just top drawer.


Really good.

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awesome stuff really cool

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I love your work!! It's amazing!! Congrats!!

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I've favourited these on DA before, but once again, they're so bloody amazing. The Avengers one is simply stunning, and represents my dream team (Providing we got rid of Spidey/Wolvie) and the Batman... Just.. Wow. :D

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I would be very proud of myself for creating such masterpieces. The raw coloring and power in your drawings is immense. I know you took a lot of time on these pictures. Just like expensive clothes they have alot of quality.

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awesome! 'nuff said

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amazing you drew these? wow incredible this stuff looks proffesional. I suck at stick figures so i'm easily wowed but this is just great and i don't think thats my low artisitc apprasial skills talking you have real talent man good job

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Dude...please tell me you work in comics professionally. I'm an art > story girl and I would buy literally any book that you work on.

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crazy amazing you should illustrate comics

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gotta agree with everyone here... those are amazing!

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Awesome work. Really good job :)
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Pretty amazing artwork! Love it!

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Haven't posted here in aaaaaaaaaaages so here's some more comic-related work I've done since!

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Wow! Very impressive.

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Your stuff is always awesome! I really happen to love the Batman family piece up top and the Lady Avengers piece you did.

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I cannot find the words. There is just so much awesome my brain has shut dow....