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Thank you for the votes and the win by one, I think WaveMotionCannon was the reason I made that tip toe past the finish line, thanks to you too buddy!...hehehe!

Ok, on this one I did a search and came up with nothing but a battle contest with Medusa in it. If she's been used before in an Artist Showdown let me know.

Deadline is the 3rd of April midnight central time.

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I love this idea. The first comic book I ever read was Silver Surfer #18, To Smash the Inhumans. My dad gave it to me when I was a kid, it was one he had when he was a teenager.

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There will be hair...

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Cool. hope to see your entry soon!

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I dont know if this is going to be the final image... (im not sure about the colors yet... I think its too colorfull)

anyway here she is...

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@plut0n: Undoubtedly, incredibly beautiful. I don't necessarily object to partial nudity or nudity, and this was done tastefully. I actually wish you would have given her at least part of a costume, but only to show she is "Medusa". Don't know if that makes sense or not. Yes, she has the long flowing red hair, just wanted to see she is an Inhuman. Maybe I am being too picky? I am mesmerized by this though, don't get me wrong. Did you use oil paints or acrylics? How did you create this beautiful piece? It is awesome. I don't think it is too colorful by any means.

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Excellent! Love the colors...

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@plut0n Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Awesomesaucewithcherriesontop.

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@decept_o: I havent find the time to answer to your post... I will soon... (about the technique)

THANX for the comments :)

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@PLUTON. Well damn!! That's great !! Hurry up with that tutorial man!

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@wavemotioncannon: @decept_o: ok the main idea was to make her with a costume but during the prosses I deside to make her naked... well nude is classic... and also I can add her on my portfolio as a nude female figure and use her in any occasion I need her...

Now about the technique is pretty simple...I made the drawing on a simple paper (yes I use photo reference... the net is full of beatifull chicks)... and then I used watercolors for the basic shadows... (B&W and shades of grey only) then I put it on my pc for the details and the colors... Basicly is how Ben Templesmith is doing his stuff... (check img)

Now about the digital painting... threre are a lot of tutorials on the net where u can learn how to do it... I recoment this guy: Carlos Cabrera


(very cool videos I have learn many stuff by watching them)

and this guy...: Anthony Jones


My opinion is that if u blent traditional painting and cg the result is (most of the times) pretty cool...

good luck

(sorry for my bad english '_' )

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So there are many Weddings in comics,but I couldn't think of any Divorces in the Marvel Universe.The Inhumans are a great family,seeing Blackbolt & Medusa deal with marital issues would be intriguing.(That was my whole idea behind this entry,this family being forced to take sides and stuff)(Medusa is the focus here that's why she is the only one colored and Blackbolt is "shaded out")

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My take on the lady with lots of hair.

I have to admit the first time I saw Medusa, she was still a villain but it does not deter me from the fact she is a sexy and interesting woman. Good to know she is one of the good guys now.

I only wish I can have time to paint her digitally but this pencil work will do for now.

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Been trying to get one done, unfortunately I'm having some sever issues with pain and numbness in my arm and hand from tendinitis. Trying to power through but it takes a toll.

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@PLUTON thanks I'm there.

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Ok this is my one :)

Medusa Vs Spiderman by kiss_lamia

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EDIT: Just want to enter this black and white version, please. Thanks.

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Here's mine, just a straight-up pencil render:

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Wow! Lot's of great entries. Hoping everyone get's theirs in by tonight at Midnight. :D

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@plut0n: Sorry for the delay in replying, had problems logging in to the site. Thanks for letting me know, that is pretty neat. I can see where this is a meld of different styles, not unlike the use of CGI and live action in movies. Nice work as always.