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Who will win one?

It's a new year and a great time to jump in and join the monthly artist showcase. Each month we display art from our comic vine users in various mediums and genres and at the end of the year we look for our artist of the year from the monthly polls.

You can submit one entry per month to any of the following mediums....

MEDIUMS: (pick what you feel your entry fits under)

Best Traditional Drawing (paper/pencil/ink/paint/canvas)

Best Digital (tablet/3d/photo)

Best B&W

Best Color

Web Comic / Strip / Panels / COVERS

For this category you may submit a sample (1 IMAGE) of any Web Comic/Strip/Panel or cover layout that you've produced in 2012. In the case of web comics you should also provide a link to where to view the entire comic.

All entries from above are considered for the genres categories below...

GENRES: (You don't submit to these below, they are chosen from all entries above)




Special FX


Most Improved

TIMELINE: It's open for work created from the 1st of the month untill the end of the month. There will be 14 days of polling after and winners of each category will be announced on the 15th.

RULES TO ENTER: It would be chaos without them, so here's the premise.

1) There's no set theme, an artist can post any work they've done within that month but they must choose ONE FOR ANY MEDIUM THEY CHOOSE TO ENTER by the deadline (defaults to their most recent unless specified).

2) For their submission choice they MUST include the following information when posting:

MEDIUM : Traditional / Digital / B&W / Color / Web Comic (required - if you don't specify which medium that it's for, it's not a submission)

REASONS FOR CHOOSING : (not required - but offers insight into the artists creative thought)

SUPPLIES / DESCRIPTION : (not required - but offers insight into the artists creative process)

POLLING: the first 14 days of the next month voters will be able to submit there choices for the following criteria before the winners are announced:

All votes will also apply as points to the 'Artist of the Year' ladder which you can track at THIS THREAD HERE.

Each vote will count as a point for the artist and the one with the highest point count will be considered the overall 'Artist of the Month'. Voters can vote once for all criteria or just the ones that they can come up with a choice. I know there's no glory of picking the next theme but it does offer an artist a chance to focus more on different areas of their work and get a decent idea of what parts of their work people do like.

Here's hoping all you great artists can pluck something out of your monthly pieces to submit :)

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I'll join in! Already got a bunch of stuff ready...

Daredevil - traditional

Doom & Reed - digital, color

Mordor - comedy

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Lesse here...

Web Comic ( I suppose)
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whens the deadline?

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The Avengers find Captain America
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Here are my entries...


Photoshop, Wacom Tablet
I chose this one because it took me less than an hour to complete.

Photoshop, Wacom Tablet

BLACK & WHITE (If you can ignore the red hair)
Photoshop, Wacom Tablet
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Color / Traditional.

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COLOR------- Working on another Can I have a 2 day extension? Should have it done by Saturday night :)

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@blur1528 said:


wow did you draw that?

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@deadpool6_6_6: Yes I did! Your simple inquiry has made me feel ten times better.

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--------------------------------------BLACK AND WHITE---------------------------

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I have to apologize for the long delays in getting things done these past two weeks. I've been involved in a huge coloring project and my time has been consumed by it almost completely. I've still got another few weeks until it's finished and it'll affect my availability on here till I get these done.

I'm going to extend May submissions until this Sunday at midnight and begin there, hopefully I should get some time to catch things up by then. Thanks all for your patience and understanding.

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No worries mate

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No worries mate

Now tonis' internet is down. :(


Hang in there troops! Tonis is up to his eyeballs in alligators at the moment, but he hasn't forgotten about you.

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@Roxanne Starr: yea the internet going down was like wrestling with alligators this week, Especially with the house phone also being down.

ok I've got a few moments while those big ass scans copy to my machine and I'm gonna try to catch up on here.

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Well, it seems that you have made it out of the swamp. But now with the storms here in Georgia tonight, it's Cootieface's turn to wrestle alligators! LOL!

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So are we going to start the June tHread and maybe catch up with this one later?

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Tonis was pulled off the coloring job to make a video.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know when he'll ever be back here.

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OH NO------- does that mean that will abandoned us? Can anyone else fill his shoes? And What exactly do you mean make a video? a Video of WHAT?

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a Video of WHAT?

An animation for a Kickstarter campaign.

Kinda like the video on this website...a website that hasn't been fully loaded yet.