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Who will win one?

It's a new year and a great time to jump in and join the monthly artist showcase. Each month we display art from our comic vine users in various mediums and genres and at the end of the year we look for our artist of the year from the monthly polls.

You can submit one entry per month to any of the following mediums....

MEDIUMS: (pick what you feel your entry fits under)

Best Traditional Drawing (paper/pencil/ink/paint/canvas)

Best Digital (tablet/3d/photo)

Best B&W

Best Color

Web Comic / Strip / Panels / COVERS

For this category you may submit a sample (1 IMAGE) of any Web Comic/Strip/Panel or cover layout that you've produced in 2012. In the case of web comics you should also provide a link to where to view the entire comic.

All entries from above are considered for the genres categories below...

GENRES: (You don't submit to these below, they are chosen from all entries above)




Special FX


Most Improved

TIMELINE: It's open for work created from the 1st of the month untill the end of the month. There will be 14 days of polling after and winners of each category will be announced on the 15th.

RULES TO ENTER: It would be chaos without them, so here's the premise.

1) There's no set theme, an artist can post any work they've done within that month but they must choose ONE FOR ANY MEDIUM THEY CHOOSE TO ENTER by the deadline (defaults to their most recent unless specified).

2) For their submission choice they MUST include the following information when posting:

MEDIUM : Traditional / Digital / B&W / Color / Web Comic (required - if you don't specify which medium that it's for, it's not a submission)

REASONS FOR CHOOSING : (not required - but offers insight into the artists creative thought)

SUPPLIES / DESCRIPTION : (not required - but offers insight into the artists creative process)

POLLING: the first 14 days of the next month voters will be able to submit there choices for the following criteria before the winners are announced:

All votes will also apply as points to the 'Artist of the Year' ladder which you can track at THIS THREAD HERE.

Each vote will count as a point for the artist and the one with the highest point count will be considered the overall 'Artist of the Month'. Voters can vote once for all criteria or just the ones that they can come up with a choice. I know there's no glory of picking the next theme but it does offer an artist a chance to focus more on different areas of their work and get a decent idea of what parts of their work people do like.

Here's hoping all you great artists can pluck something out of your monthly pieces to submit :)

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this one for Panels

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@Rockfall: excellent panels choice, that one stomped in the battle thread :)

@spawndon: one of your best and my new fav :)

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@tonis: thanks

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Don't know what else I'll be uploading...

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Traditional and color

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I will go with this "The Shadow" done with Sketchbook Lite on my Acer Android Tablet

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Digital painting of The Darkness

This is one of my latest works, I did this in Photoshop.

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EDIT: Actually, I want to replace my Michonne piece with this one for B&W.

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In my continued attempts to do anything except work on the comic like I'm supposed to be doing, here's a Doctor Who done on bristol board with Copics.

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I removed the color Katniss picture because it makes no sense to have that as a color entry since it's just a background color. So here's a B&W version for consideration.

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Here is my Image submission for Best Black and White.

This image is a scene from the IceWindale Trilogy. This part of the book shows a battle between drizz and Icing Death.

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@Watertownronin: that's one cool picture!

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Black and White

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Voting on this one is going to be really, really hard.

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I'm overflowing with art this month. Put this in traditional, I think.

That puts the tally at Katniss in B&W and Doctor Who in comedy, if you think it fits.

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The Witchblade

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I keep cranking stuff out this month. I really like this Gwen & Spidey piece. It should go in color and digital, I think.

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@rocketpig: Wow you did a great job colouring that, I like the texture you added to it too. What program did you use?

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I drew it on bristol board using Copic Multiliner inking pens then colored it in Photoshop. I colored it using pretty normal colors and then added a blue layer on overlay, a yellow layer on multiply, and a texture layer (found from dA) on overlay, all at opacities between 50-70%. That gave it the scratched, faded look you see there.

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@rocketpig: man you are on fire this month.

I love playing with layer transparencies like that, sometimes I end up doing it for hours just experimenting.

This technique worked really well, produced a final that looks professionally polished indeed :)

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My Character Circe, blowing up some silly bimbos.
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Jilith of Youthquake (c) Channel M Publishing www.channelmlive.com
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Heres mine for the month. Again there is no B&W since I have been working so much.

Color : Thor

Traditional : Slave Leia

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Autumn 5
MEDIUM : Black and White 

REASONS FOR CHOOSING : I actually like, really, really, really wanted to enter the Character Design contest that was revolving around designing a character based on a season. Great concept, and I love designs based around seasons, anyway, I went with Autumn but didn't finish in time, and well here it is anyway lol I can use it here. I wanted a personification of Autumn type character. Sort of like the forest demon girl from Vampire Hunter D, in that movie that I can't remember but some might get the reference. So she isn't really human, or mortal. 

SUPPLIES / DESCRIPTION : 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils, an eraser and A4 paper.    
MEDIUM : Colour

REASONS FOR CHOOSING : Same as above except in colour (which sort of helps distinguish it as an Autumn piece, since black and white version could just be like reggae, dread lock, semi nude , hippie, stoner girl theme erm) Oh is unfinished, but I probably won't finish it anytime soon.    

SUPPLIES / DESCRIPTION : 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils, an eraser and A4 paper. Gimp Digital Software.  
MEDIUM : Digital

REASONS FOR CHOOSING : I did this on Flockdraw, and I am not sure how many of you use Flockdraw but its really, really basic, so I liked what I did considering lol It has no eye dropped, or soft edged brushes, or even layers. No zoom either. Like 5 brush sizes, anyway. (Flockdraw is awesome though since its free, online collab art software)

MEDIUM : Traditional 

REASONS FOR CHOOSING : I have never drawn a Superman character, or character with the whole S Shield and its way harder than I thought, freehand, especially when uhm... you have to deal with dips and curves. Anyway I tried to make her look pretty as per the person I drew this for, preference, I was afraid might end up looking too ditzy or - but anyway. Supergirl! 

SUPPLIES / DESCRIPTION : 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils, an eraser and A4 paper.
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Jocasta for Hawkeye446
Mediums: B&W.
Supplies: Tablet, Sketchbook Pro.
Reasons For Choosing:  
  • Titanium tushy.
Lupin III
Mediums: Digital/Color. 
Supplies: Tablet, Sketchbook Pro, Paint Tool SAI.
Reasons For Choosing: 
  • First time using SAI.
  • Lupin.
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I was gonna enter piece I'm working on right now but I don't think I'll get it done today so I'll enter my contest piece...ugh will someone tell CV to fix the image uploader.

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oh my God this has got to be one of the most stunning month of entries in the showcases entries, I'm just blown away at the amount of talent we have on here. Totally incredible work everyone :)

I was a little late getting up the submission thread this month so what I'm going to do is add a few days to allow people to get their work in. Rather than creating all the polling threads tonight I'm going to start on Monday evening at midnight (EST) and follow this schedule throughout the week to avoid getting those post flood messages I always get.

Monday - Traditional / Digital

Tuesday - Color / B&W / Panel & Covers

Wednesday - Comedy / Horror

Thursday - Originality / SpecialFX / Most Improved

If you have something you'd like to submit as long as you get it in before I create the poll for that category you're good :)

Just remember everything after Tuesday evening (midnight EST) is genre based so that would be the cutoff point.

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I thought this sketch turned out cool so I thought I would submit it. Do not have time to refine it so sorry for the messy line work.

Ghost Rider

PENCIL: Ghost Rider.

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@ProofPudding: whooooaaa, wicked GR pic man, much agreed on the coolness factor :)

@EGoD: sweet choice with your morph pic, and if you get your other piece done today I won't be starting on the traditional or digital polls for a while so your welcome to submit it when it's finished if the traditional poll isn't up yet. You could also throw it in the color or b&w which won't be going up till at least tomorrow morning. ;)

sorry for the delay folks but I've got a few things to take care of and some running around to do and we'll start getting the polls up later this evening. Till then if you've got something to dig up for March feel free to throw them in.