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I really enjoyed hosting this showdown, and your entries are all amazing. Good to see such variety of characters, and I'm personally happy that there is a Krypto and an Ace, cause those are like iconic superhero pets for Christ's sake

ssejllenrad: Batman and Batbat!

Dommed_Cannon: Chameleon Boy and Proty 2!

KEROGA: Aqualad and Tusky!

Xmen_forever: Deadpool and his pet-rock, Dwayne Johnson!

MetropolisKid41: Usagi Yojimbo!

maxicere: Atrocitus and Dex-Starr!

payno: Dex-Starr!

Rockfall: Tippy-Toe and Hairball!

Decept-O: The Phantom and Devil!

tonis: Superman and Krypto!

truespark: Robin and Ace the Bat-Hound!

Voting will last till December, 6th. DO VOTE, good sirs and mesdames!

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Xmen_Forever and Payno, with Xmen_Forever taking it.

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x-men forever

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Maxicere, that is one ferocious feline

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Decept-O: The Phantom and Devil!

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such awesome entries, what a great turnout.

I gotta go with the Batbat, I just can't stop laughing at that one :D


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I love dogs... So I'm going to go with tonis.

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All so good Xmen_forever has to take it though with pure comedy

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Hope voting's still on. Tonis for me. Krypto! Woot woot!

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X-men forever

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My Vote goes to my Brother, Xmen_forever

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Okay, the voting's over, guys! It was a really close call between Decept-O, X-men_forever, Maxicere, and Tonis, but the time's up now, and the winner is... Xmen_forever!

Congratulations, buddy! C'mere, let us give you a hug! I like you entry a lot, although I didn't get the joke right away :3 Now run along, and don't forget to start your own showdown

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Congrats to the winner and badass name as well. Xmen_forever indeed.

@ssejllenrad: WTF? No effort at all? Just made that out of thin air?LOL.

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I can't believe I won!!!! Thanks everyone who voted for me!