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Voting will end Friday November 11th 5pm PST unless a landslide is determined in the poll. Good luck everyone. 
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Wow...this really isn't easy...

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Dang...this is like...yeah... Hard! 
Argh!  They are all sooo gooood! =/
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all of them are great, nice work.

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I think it's fair to say that the community has given 50 percent of it's vote to Gorilla Girl while none of us are reasonably close to that lead so congrats Gorilla Girl this contest is your victory buddy! 

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Congrats Girl! =)
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Why did my comment disappear? What the Hell?

Congrats, Gorilla Girl. Way to "Rise Above!"

Hopefully someone contacted her about the win.

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damn, after looking through all those alls I could think was WOW, killer entries on this one :)

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Gosh, gosh, sorry I'm late, guys! And thank you! I've never won an art contest before, and this is so awesome :D

GREAT work everyone, and I'll just shut up and start a new contest right away