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Awesome entries all around this showdown. Post your vote for your favorite, voting will go until 12:01am PST on August 26th. Names of the entrants appear above their image. 
This showdown's subject: Ghost 
M.S. Feather: 

Great work everyone, good luck. 

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Between Cutting Edge and Payno for me.  I'm going with Payno.  Ghost looks great in his style.

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Get like a Samurai Jack feel... which is awesome.

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thanks brandon for the vote

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They are all awesome. I'm not sure which one to vote. DeadKittens001.

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It's too hard!!!
I'm going to go with CuttingEdgeKomix the whole "unfinished" style seems to fit the character very well!
Everybody else did an amazing job! So kudos to all!

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I like the humor in M.S. Feather's 
For me  CuttingEdgeKomix's is a new style from him 
I vote Neumato, I like the coloring and look in this one. 

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Hmmmm. Payno oooor Neumato???

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I could easily vote for any of them, I'm gonna go with Payno though.

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CuttingEdgeKomix for his amusing Ghost in vogue.

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Ice Prince gets my vote :D
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Obviously a very close one, lets keep the voting going for another day until midnight PST. Currently we've got a three way tie for first with DeadKittens, Payno, and CuttingEdgeKomix with 3 votes each. IcePrince & Neumato each have two, Janetron & Caligula one each.

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Decept 0 for me they all did great work!!
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@Shatterstar: CuttingEdge Komix takes it for me on this one.  It's pretty close with the wonderfully shaded and proportioned face IcePrince created for his version, but artistically, Cutting Edge really carries the full package with beautiful contrasts both in colors, textures, and brush strokes, to make an overall delightfully sensual yet mysterious Ghost.
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My vote is for Dead Kittens 
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It was a close one but Neumato came from behind to take his 4th showdown in a row. Deadkittens and CuttingEdge were right behind with 4 votes each, Payno and IcePrince tied for third with 3 each. Congrats to Neumato!