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Number 56 is starting with a bang, great entries. 
Voting will end by Friday 4th before noon.







Good luck to all !!!
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InspiringMuffin's is just tooo funny! That's my vote.
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Very tough to choose but I'm gonna go with DavidR. Could easily have picked any of them

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I choose DavidR.
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DavidR. here as well
although, I just barley gave it to him because Muffin's is amazing as well.
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I thought mine was DQed? It's not getting votes anyway so who cares eh? hehehe! I apologize to the other entries here but... DavidR stomps bigtime!

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tough one...gonna go with DavidR on this one
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I'm going to have to also put in my vote for DavidR. Although I am wondering what defenders for tyranny was a reference to, besides sounding pretty cool.

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inspiring muffin gets my vote .

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I made two different versions... but where I was working at this part week I didn't have a scanner... I just got back today, too bad I didn't get it in in time...
Anyways... My vote goes for Caligula, it's like I mentioned on the other thread I love to see strong characters (in this case Mystique) become weak.

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Caligula gets my vote... the concept for Msystique in a bikini is really awesome.

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David gets my vote.  What I like about it is it follows that draw comics the marvel way feel to it.  It is very retro old school 1970s era.
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Thanks, I take ur compliment in high regard and appreciate it. I come from drawing comics the Marvel way era, even though I am trying to use some of it and running from other parts of it.
Gotta change with the times as they say, still trying to figure that out.... : )
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On Voting, the 3D looks awesome and Muffin's is funny but Caligula's pose and layout are the ones that got my vote!
Voting ended at noon today and by the looks of things I believe thanks to everyone that voted, I won this one. See u all in the next contest.

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pick davidR.

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Thanks, voting is over, the new contest started already. It's #57 with Black Adam...