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Welcome the Women of the Sisterhood!  

Kid Anarchy







Make your vote! 
Congratulations to all the artist that joined! 
Major Awesomeness!
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fresh new style and nice concept.

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Pluton...although I've got to say that the Red Queen looks nothing like the actual character

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Gotta go with Pluton

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Kid Anarchy.... His style is amazing and the poses looked like they should be on the cover of a comic..
Just some constructive criticism @Kid, try and start doing shadows on your art. Your style is amazing but it would totally stand out if you did shadows...
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Pluton all night...

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@IcePrince_X said:
"Couzinit99  fresh new style and nice concept. "

Thanks! :) My vote goes to Sora i really love Chimera and Red Queen in the pic and i love the Homage idea
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PLUTON bags this contest with 5 votes 

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