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Here are the entries:



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Damn it! Forgot to enter!


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Paragon be prepared to die :P

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sora_thekey said:

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Well looks like Selkirk wins it.  Congrats on your first showdown win.

I think maybe we've got too many artist showdowns/contests etc going on these days, not only is each showdown getting less entries but less votes too.  I guess its up to the artists though.

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i won...awesome, could someone tell me what i need to do to start new showdown? just start thread with artist showdown #24?. on side note i would argue that we have too few(stifling  competition-if someone doesn't like the contest they dont participate), for example we dont have one active contest.....

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Well I was just throwing that out there, I saw one contest literally only had one vote cast for a winner. Maybe have a monthly contest and then the weeklies or something?
But yea to start the next one, just pick a character or characters and start the thread.

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ok cool thanks...will post promptly