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Alright pretty sure everybody that wanted to got their entry in on this one and Rams said the deadline would be the 10th soooooo lets get this show on the road and start the voting.

The subject: Dr. Stephen Strange

The entrants (artist's name appears below their entry):


Voting will go about 72 hours 9pm PST Saturday, most votes wins. Anyone can vote, winner starts the next Showdown thread.

Any questions feel free to post here or PM me.

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I like all of these! Dangit :/

Hmm...digging Keroga's the most I think :)

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@shatterstar: Thanks Man, I appreciate you getting the voting started. We had an ice storm here in Texas and I was without electricity for 3 days, ran behind on everything including work. Thought I would get this up tonight but you beat me. Thanks again!

Great turnout! Great entries, thanks to everyone!

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Hey there Boo, yes thank u!

Unpleasantly cold inside the house as outside but it was a good experience if the ice hits again. We are now much better prepared if our area experiences a power outage. I learned some great lessons on avoiding the worst and coping better all around.

Makes you really appreciate having heat and communication since the cell towers were also affected. thanks for getting your entry in, Loved it!

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@ramsillustrations: Ah, very glad to hear it! :)

I guess we don't realise how much we rely on power until something like that happens. Outages here are thankfully rare, but they do give you a reality check hehe! Glad everyone is alright though.

Aw thanks! Wasn't entirely happy with how he turned out, so it's great that you like him ^__^

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Bumpy! 8D

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Patzello! HM to @BattleForumJunkie

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Alright votes are in and a big congrats to @patzello on the strange victory. Patzello's first Showdown win!

Thank you to everyone that voted and to all the entrants for sharing your work.

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