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Here be the 108th Showdown voting thread, post your vote for your favorite, winner with the most votes will start the 109th showdown and earn a place in the Champions thread.

The entrants (names appear below the submission):


Thanks very much to all those that entered the showdown, good luck.

Voting ends Sunday noon PST.

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Man, this is so hard to pick..!

Female Loki made a strong showing with Scarlotte Rose leading the way, and Payno , Godofart and brianlaborada both turned in solid pieces of art as well. So it while I liked Decept-o's because it not only portrayed Loki's history, but some new twists to his design too, I have to give my vote for SHADOWSTALKER for doing 3 phases of the trickster, but making them each separate figures with their own physical traits on display the youthful expression on Kid Loki, the sinister stare on the older Loki and the deceptive beauty that was the female Loki, liked the work on the head pieces as well.

Tough subject here, but everyone who entered knocked it out of the park.

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Great piece.

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Good luck everyone. :)

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im going with decept_o for this one

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with @shadowstalker second

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Random score check: 2 for decept-o, 2 for shadowstalker, 2 for brianlaborada and 1 for payno

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MY EYES! (*__*)

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@brianlaborada gets mine. But special mention to @decept_o for the Mask reference.

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Awesome work!

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No, you did good. It is great practice. I want to enter next time if I can catch the entry on time. How long does it take? An hour or 2? As for voting, I can't. Its just fun to look at them all...

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MY vote is for @brianlaborada GREAT use of black and white!

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And the winner is, with his first win @brianlaborada! Congrats Brian, very nicely done, the next showdown is yours.

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Thanks for the votes everyone! :D

I'll start up the next one.