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Poll: Artist Show-Off Showdown #107 Voting Thread (20 votes)

ProofPudding 25%
majinhulk1 5%
wildcats25 0%
BrianLaborada 15%
ARMIV2 15%
RamsIllustrations 15%
artiomq12w 15%

Alright looks like this one went past the deadline a bit and voting is overdue so here goes. Vote for your favorite depiction of Rocket Raccoon, artist's names will appear below their entry. Anyone can vote, voting will go until Thursday August 22nd 5pm PST.


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armiv2. Many good this time.

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These are awesome, voted brianlaborada

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I like puddings version. The energy and cartoon style made me lol.

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I was impressed with all the entries but I'm voting artiom1q2w

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Alright the votes are in and the winner with 26% of the vote as of the end of voting is @proofpudding! Congrats, looking forward to the next showdown!

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Thanks everyone, I wasn't expecting to win this one. I will come up with something soon.

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@proofpudding: Nice job man! Congrats on the win.

All of these were a blast *pun intended* to see, and a lot of fun and great entries all around.