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Edit: This is the Artist Show-Off #39 Voting Thread...sorry about the mixup






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....anyone else?         ._.
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you should give it a day...at any rate my vote goes for om1kron. i thought all the pieces were good especially selkirk's :) but om1kron's most appealing here.

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I vote for Om1Kron .
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I like all 3, I'm going with Frisch

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I'm going with Om1kron as well, I just like the colors.

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Hey boss you forgot to post mine :)

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@Scarecrow4 said:
"Hey boss you forgot to post mine :) "

Aw crap. Sorry scarecrow...
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I'm going with Frisch on this one
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I'm going to go with selkirk. 
@ selkirk : There is a lot of potential in your work. I like the fact that you drew the body of your subject before drawing everything around it. but make sure to clean up your linework to make it pop a bit more rather than it looking like scribbles and mechanical pencil work. Which is obvious by the depth of the lines.  Nothing is wrong with mechanical pencil either, but it's best for laying stuff out, they're pretty crappy for blending, and cross hatching.  If you drew that with a ball point pen the added linework would make sense. Don't be lazy and take pride in your work, even if it's just for fun. 
@ FrischDVH : I like your pencil's and the styling is very similar to cutting edge comix in a sense. I also like the gargoyle but it seems you put more attention to detail into that then the character. And it becomes a focal point.  
@ Scarecrow4 : Your character is probably most true to the costume of the original (well jim valentino) shadowhawk out of all of our entries. So props for that, it's a really complicated design that never really stayed consistant with any of the comics. 
Sorry for the critiqing guys, I hate giving out advice like i'm some expert, but it is what I was taught in school and it does help to get anothers opinion on your work. Reminds me of when I prepared a portfolio and headed down to the comic con and then saw everyone elses work and was too ashamed to even show mine and just went home. I was too afraid to hear their responses lol.  
Also to be fair, here are the pencils shot by my digital camera before touching the image up in photoshop.  As you can see my scanner cuts off parts of my drawings. 

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actually thats a fair crit and well thought out...

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well it was a close one. FrischDVH wins. Congratulations.  
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