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Hola. My wife got me a sketch journal so I could get back into drawing and it's been working! I take about 20 minutes a day and do a sketch. I've made it to day 50 and I wanted to start sharing them here! Hope you enjoy and I really hope I can get some advice so I can improve on my long forgotten skill!

I have to do themes each week. If not I have a really hard time coming up with what to draw each day. So this week the theme was cartoons! I have many fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons. Here's what I've done so far this week.


Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales! I kinda hate that they made him a dufus on the show. He was their freakin pilot! I don't want an idiot flying my plane!


Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget! I loved Inspector Gadget! Everything about the show was so cool looking. No other Saturday morning cartoon looked like it! Gadget had a cool car that would change into anything. Penny had that cool computer book! And their dog even had a communicator collar. But the coolest character was Dr. Claw! All you ever saw was his crazy hand as he would just watched everything from his monitor with his cat! Very Bond but he looked extra twisted with this black arm, metal hand, spiked wristlet and cat ring! Who designed this character???


Remember Captain N The Game Master??? It was this weird show that had alternate looking versions of characters from Nintendo video games? I think they did that because those games where licensed characters from other video game makers? I dunno but it was a video game nerd's dream come true! This kid got stuck in this world with Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Simon Belmont, and I think Link at one point to fight Motherbrain, King Hippo, the Eggplant Wizard.


Thirty Thirty from Brave Starr! This was such an awesome cartoon!!! It was set in the future on another planet in a place called New Texas. It mixed both Sci-Fi and Western genres. I have no idea how this go on the air since it was kinda violent. Characters would die and not just from some lazer blast. I remember one kid over dosed on some illegal drug. Kinda harsh stuff for a kid's cartoon. But I think the real reason I loved the show, besides it's great animation, was Thirty Thirty. He was Bravestarr's horse but he was transform into this powerful humanoid with this huge lazer shotgun he called Sarah Jane or something. Any who Thirty Thirty was the original Brony! By the way anyone know what's the significance of the name Thirty Thirty?

So as I'm writing all this...(slow morning at work) I realize I left my journal at home!!! Really bummed...but I'll sketch something tonight and post it. At least finish off this week and maybe I'll keep posting my sketches every day. What do ya think? Deal?
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Such a cool thread idea, and I love your art, I think your wife was onto something getting you that sketch journal! Very wise woman indeed, this is brilliant stuff :D Cannot wait to see more ^__^

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@bumpyboo: My wife is a wise one. Thanks! I hope I can keep it up. I have 306 days/sketches to go!

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@arinya: This is incredible, this takes you 20 minutes? I can probably draw the worse half of a dog's testicle in double that amount of time. Ask @bumpyboo, she knows.

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You're welcome :)


Aw, don't be so hard on yourself, your dog's testicles are way better than mine!

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@bumpyboo: We talking about drawings here or raw testicles?

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It's your fault, you know how they confuse me.

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@bumpyboo said:


It's your fault, you know how they confuse me.

Vending machines confuse you.

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@capfanboy: Yeah 20 minutes and some change. I usually do a thumbnail during meetings or when I'm on the phone so I can do my sketch during my lunch break.

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06/07 - #51

This post is late. Left my sketch journal at home. =(

The Muppet Babies! If you didn't like the Muppet Babies something inside of you was dead as a child and you're probably an unhappy adult. =P j/k

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A thirty thirty is a type of rifle that fires a .30-caliber cartridge with a 30-grain powder charge. Since that fabulously maned horse uses a big rifle his name is most likely inspired by the rifle of the same.

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@tacos_kickass: Thanks! I knew some would know! Yeah that cartoon definitely was not for kids.

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06/08 - Sketch #52

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my all time favorite cartoon and was partially responsible for getting me into comic books when I was a kid. I was kinda obsessed with them. I would draw them all the time and I'm starting to enjoy the current mini series runs they are doing. I wish Nickelodeon would open up and allow some more serious/mature stories be done for TMNT. At the moment the current series have been lacking but starting to look up with Santolouco now drawing for them. Hopefully the writing gets more interesting as well. I think this does it for this week's theme. I have no idea what I'll be doing next week.

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OMG Turtes AND Muppet Babies??? 8D

*bookmarks thread*

I like where this is going... ;)

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These are all bloody awesome!

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06/10 - Sketch #53

Man of Steel opens this week so the theme this week is Superman. Start things off with the original Superman, George Reeves. He was the original Man of Steel from 1951 to 1957. Poor guy was abit cursed. People literally thought he was Superman so they would mess with him by trying to get him to fly or even test his invulnerability! I remember reading that people would try to shoot him! Dunno if that's true but man people were abit dense back then!

@bumpyboo: TMNT rawkz! They will probably make it into my sketch journal alot more in the near future!

@armiv: Thanks!

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Haha wow, this is actually a very neat idea to get constant practice. You sketch very nicely too. Are these all done from memory, or do you use referencing?

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@veshark: Thanks! The journal is helping alot. I'm getting alot faster and more comfortable drawing again. Most of the sketches I have never drawn before so I use alot of reference that incorporate into an original composition. When I am trying to draw a real person and I need the actual likeness or if I'm strapped for time I sketch the exact reference. Like today's sketch is from a pic I found online of George Reeves in his iconic Superman pose. Ninja Turtles I've been drawing all my life so that was easy. =P

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Damn right they do hehe! May I ask which is your favourite turtle? :)

Great theme for this week by the way, this first sketch is great!

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@bumpyboo: Thanks! So, my family was 4 boys (1 girl) and I was the oldest so I identified the most with Leo. Blue was my favorite color. I loved samurais so I liked the katana and my little brothers looked up to me so I was leader-ish. How about you? Who was your favorite?

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Excellent choice! :) My favourite was Raphael growing up, I guess being an only child who found it difficult to fit in (since we're giving proper reasons here :D) I always related to that moody, misunderstood, loner side of his character. As I got older though, that changed and Michelangelo has been my favourite for years now. Still got my Raphael hot water bottle cover though :D

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06/11 - Sketch #54

Christopher Reeve was the Man of Steel when I was growing up. Sure the films are dated and were abit campy they hold a special place in my heart. Except for that piece crap Superman 4. In fact that movie is when I became aware of crap cinema, hollywood greed and lost interest in costumed super heros. Still I genuinely miss and feel sad about what happened to Reeve who will always be my favorite Man of Steel.

@bumpyboo: LOL. Yeah now I really enjoy Michelangelo and Donotello.

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06/12 - Sketch #55

Alot of people didn't like Brandon Routh as Superman. I thought he was great! Yeah the movie was trying to emmulate the original Superman movie but I enjoyed him as goofy Clark Kent and as Superman with father son issues. Anyone else think the scene when he went to Louis' house to spy on them was kinda creepy? Wish I had more time to draw this one...not too happy with my attempt of getting Routh's likeness...oh well it's called a sketch for a reason.

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@arinya: I'm not familiar with him as Superman, but as a standalone sketch this is great! :D Love your Reeve though, I think you did a great job there, I recognised him right away ^__^

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06/13 - Sketch #56

Henry Cavill. Who knew one day the Count of Monte Cristo's son would one day grow up to be the Man of Steel. I had not being paying too close attention to all the new on MoS ( lowered expectations helps alot in life...lol ) but this suit deviates the most from the original. It definitely looks more tech and more alien. Anyone going to the midnight show tonight? The trailers and paying attention to my reference pics for today's sketch has peeked my nerd interest. Why's he so moody and why does he have Akira hair? I thought that was one of Supes powers. Perfect hair!

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@arinya: All of these are really cool

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06/14 - Sketch #57

At the moment making our super heros gritty and flawed is the popular thing to do. I haven't seen Man of Steel yet but it looks like they avoided making Kal-El a squeaky clean character. I like that but deep down inside I know that I still want the wholesome and righteous personality of Superman. You know that even though Superman is fighting evil...it's good to be Superman. Just being able to flight around the world makes any day a good day. What's your favorite super power?

This does it for Superman week. Anyone have any suggestions for my theme next week?

@the_poet: Thanks!

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06/17 - Sketch #58

Crazy weekend. Had my little heart broken by Man of Steel among many other things.

Anyway this week I'll be trying to explore interesting perspectives. I like drawing crazy perspectives in my action shots. It just felt natural that in today's sketch I have a sword stabbing Link in it! Lemme know what you think and suggestions to improve my drawing skills.

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NICE Link! :D

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06/18 - Sketch #59

The Flash! I really don't have alot of space in my journal so it's hard to gauge how much room I'll have. Not too happy how this turned out but hopefully it looks recognizable. I need alot of room for these perspective drawings. Anyway, did any of you guys watch the 90s show?

@bumpyboo: Thanks!

@nerx: You are too kind,

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@arinya: Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to some day see your rendition of batpregnancy?

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06/19 - Sketch #60

Having a hard time with these perspective sketches. Not enough time but then again if Jonah Jameson is yelling at you it's tough to do anything.

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@arinya: Hehe, you should give yourself more credit, these perspective pieces look really good, and it's a very brave thing to attempt from an artistic perspective. Even more so when you're posting them online. But you are nailing it so far ^___^

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06/20 - Sketch #61

Still struggling to get the right perspective and filling enough of the page. Let me know if you have advice. But in general I really liked my roundhouse kicking Raphael! I should of drawn the body smaller or the leg larger but it would of pushed it off the page. Sigh...I'll try again tomorrow.

@bumpyboo: As always you are way too kind. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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06/22 - Sketch #62

I'm at the beach this weekend so my last attempt at a perspective sketch inspired by that. I like how you can almost go up this guy's nose and see what he's thinking. Got sun burned but the weather was perfect. That does it for this week. Gotta see what I'll be doing for next week's theme. Something with music I'm thinking.

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You have some really good work on here.

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06/25 - Sketch #63

Theme this week is music. I am heavily influenced by music when I work. Alot of my design projects actually are inspired by music. Today this sketch is brought to you by Porcupine Tree and their incredible song Time Flies. Oh the joy and agony of time. The song is epic and awe inspiring musically but the subject matter makes you reflect. Where have all the years gone? The song is whimsical, frightening, electric and hopeful. If you haven't heard it do yourself and check it out.

@rulerofthisuniverse: Thanks for posting! I could not update the thread because I posted two times in a row. I guess there is a rule. Silly but I guess it's there for a reason. Can't have anything nice can we...? =P

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@arinya said:

Your face when... inspector gadget is Dr. Claw: :o

think about it, in the cartoon Penny and brain always walk past all of Dr.Claws guards and have access to all the doors and the facility its self. This is because inspector gadget is just an alter ego dr.claw made up to entertain his niece, a bad guy with a soft spot for kids. In other words they are both just playing a game with each other throughout the entire course of the show.

This is why no one is ever sitting in the chair when inspector gadget catches up to Dr Claw a man who has put out obsticles for himself as inspector gadget and his niece to overcome!

your mind=blown

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06/26 - Sketch #64

Tom Waits - Invitation to the Blues. Oh the delicious tragedy that Waits weaves in his songs. Most of you probably don't know Tom Waits or even listen to the blue but this song will crush your heart and fill you eyes with the deep sorrows of life through the words of Tom Waits.

@godofart: LOL. Nice but I'd like to think that Dr. Claw was actually Nanny from the Muppets Babies. Think about it.

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@arinya: Loving the music theme! These last couple of pictures are great, I like them a lot. Also, you may be surprised, there are a good few Waits fans lurking around here ;)

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06/27 - Sketch #65

Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able

Dunno what the song is about but every time I hear it I picture the same thing. I wolf with a coat of flames in the forest starring at a unicorn but I can never tell if he is stalking her or being called by her. When he finally bites into her he goes into a trance. Trippy...

@bumpyboo: So you're a Waits fan? It seems that most ppl her are young and Waits only gets good with age if you know what I mean.

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@arinya: Epic unicorn! ^__________^

Yes I do, and it's funny you should say that, it was an older user here who got me into him (though saying that, I am almost 30 myself ;) ).

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06/28 - Sketch #66

Novembre - Zenith

I'm a metal fan. I love progressive metal to be exact. It reminds me alot of life. At times it can be harsh and brutal. But there are great moments of beauty. Bands like Novembre weave a wonderful narrative with their music and Zenith is one of those incredible songs that exist in the metal genre that you didn't know was possible. This song takes you up, as the name implies, just above darkness rushing to grasp us all. That's it for this week's theme. Lemme know if you have a suggestion for next week's sketches!

@bumpyboo: 30 is still very young!

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07/01 - Sketch #67

So I missed out that MLG Championship was this weekend? I play alot of Star Craft 2 so that's what this week's theme will be. Starting it off with Hellions! I love these guys but they are so flimsy and pretty much useless in long games. Most of the Terran race units are pretty fun and are gonna be great to draw. They are all dirty and junky. Anyone a Star Craft 2 player or follow the MLG?

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I don't play Starcraft but this is great drawing. You have lots of talent, keep up the good work!

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You have a gift with the pen, my friend.