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@RamsIllustrations: Nice work. I like it.

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@RamsIllustrations: Great stuff.

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@Decept-O: @ProofPudding:

Wasn't sure how this one was going to be received, I hear there's a burnout on Vampires but haven't drawn any in years and tried my hand at this. Glad you guys approve!

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Wowowiiewa! That is some good stuff. Ok, sorry but I don't have any constructive criticism this time. Just plain ol "you're so goddamn good!" Now this is a vampire! Not the emo crap we get nowadays from mainstream media.

Wait.... Grammar fail! It should be written as "Cheers, mate!" Nyahahaha! Ok, that's just beyond nitpicking and I take it back. :D Great job as always buddy!

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magnificent job sir!

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Good job, man.

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Oh SWEET!!! Whimsical but also super creepy. Great work!

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Wow this is great!!!

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Very nice, man! Very nice!

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Amazing. I love the kind of style where everything is just b&w and there are only a small parts with color.