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here is an odd little Sharpie Doodle I did last year while I was on my break from my day job , was really going for a more Streamline look with my inking with sharpies . all while still keeping the energy of Loose gesture Sketch underneath. I will admit the figures in this doodle have more of an Jack Kirby Feel than Bruce Timm I was intentionally trying to channel , so I did the only thing I know best these days .Combined them both .

[ it was a fun half hour back in December ]

by the way the character here on this page striking a pose or two is Jamie Finehouse [ from my web comic ] she`s An Heart-breaker ladies and gents .

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i did a invincible with a sharpie and it stained my kitchen table lol

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Those are real neat!

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i misread the title and thought it said razor sharp doodie for a sec.