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AMALGAM CONTEST# 87: Fantastic Four / Suicide Squad

The challenge is to mix any member of the Fantastic Four (past or present) with any member of the Suicide Squad (pre or post New 52) to make a new, unique character.

I'm a bit opinionated about the news from the new FF film and this seemed like a nature fit to me. lol (I won't get into it here though and hope nobody else does either.)

Anyway, artists may enter as many entries as they would like but as always the single entry with the most votes is the winning piece. Each picture may only represent a single amalgamation (ie: no group shots). So choose wisely and/or enter a few drawings.

Deadline: April 4th @ Midnight (Eastern)

@shatterstar - Could you please in this? Appreciated as always...

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Pinned, interesting choices

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GAH! So wish I could draw :'(

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Deadshot/Thing. Sorry about the poor quality


cant upload image for some reason.

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Harley Grimm

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@bennyq: that's f***ed up. Good, but in the kind of give you nightmares way. Lol.

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@zymm: I'm posting your picture here for ease of viewing.

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The Unknown = Ghost Rider + The Unknown Soldier

Widowmaker = Spiderman + Deadshot

Megalodon = The Hulk + King Shark

The Edge = Wolverine + Captain Boomerang.

To be fair, you did say any member of the FF. Lol. Also the site doesn't allow for more than 2 postings in a row that is why they are all on the same post.

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Wow... Really like the Wolverine/Captain Boomerang piece. New FF, old Squad... Whatever works!

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OK heres my entry, i am currently working on a coloured version, but if i don't finish it in time, its cool.

So for my team i have

Invisible Women + Deadshot = Invisible Bullet

Human Torch + El Diablo = Flame Demon

Mr Fantasic + Chemo = Mr Chemo

Thing + Killer Frost = Ice thing

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Coloured version, pretty happy with it.

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LoL how did i miss this?

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I'm putting up the voting thread now.

@blizaga101 - There weren't supposed to be any group shots, but its a killer piece and there wasn't the turnaround I had hoped for so I'll add it.