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Below are the entries for the Teen Titans / X-Men Amalgam Contest (Amalgam Contest #78 for those keeping count).

As a reminder, the rules were opened up for participants to enter in more than one piece and/or to design more then more character if they so desired... and they sure didn't disappoint.

As previously mentioned the single piece with the most number of votes is the winner. I'm thinking in the future that I may (assuming I run another contest in the future) open that up to total accumulated votes, but for this I'm leaving it as I already said. Most votes wins and good luck to everyone that submitted an entry!

In submitted order:

Raven-X by @explodingpineapple
Magik + Wondergirl,Gambit + Nightwing, Rachel Grey+Raven, Beast + BeastBoy by @keroga

Death Sabre (Deathstroke and Sabretooth) by @bennyq
Raven / Storm by @plut0n
from the left+up laser-flash,left+down star-crawler ,middle colossus-arsenal, right+up rogue-beast, right+down shadow-raven by @artiom1q2w
SCOTT GRAYSON (Cyclops / Robin) by @mrfuzzynutz
NIGHTLING (Nightcrawler / Beast Boy) by @mrfuzzynutz
PHOENIX (Raven / Jean Grey) by @mrfuzzynutz
KID SLASH (Wolverine / Kid Flash) by @mrfuzzynutz
CYLOSSUS (Cyborg / Colossus) by @mrfuzzynutz
ORORO (Storm / Wonder Girl) by @mrfuzzynutz
BELLADONNA (Rogue / Starfire) by @mrfuzzynutz
ROBIN (Robin / Angel) by @ordinary

Here's a link to the original thread, if anyone wants to see further descriptions the artist had for their entries: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/artist-show-off-4/amalgam-contest-78-ttvx-1483041/

Also, a special thumbs up to @ace_thunder who, while not officially offering up an entry, gave us a wonderful list of ideas and character layouts.

Happy voting!

@shatterstar - Could you please pin this? Also, welcome back!

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Pluton, just because it's so damn detailed.

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Oh yeah... voting goes until 8/20

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Raven/Storm by Plutton - that is amazing quality. Sorry everyone else.... but damn that is some skill.

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ORORO (Storm / Wonder Girl) by @mrfuzzynutz

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Robin ny @ordinary. Because that's exactly what he would look like! And I love the feather as a batarang. Great concept.

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Sorry wasn't fully back yet but its pinned now.

mrfuzzynutz' Cyclops/Robin

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mrfuzzynutz' Kidslash gets my vote.

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kid slash- mrfuzzynutz

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NIGHTLING by mrfuzzynutz (With Gambit + Nightwing by keroga and ROBIN by ordinary close seconds)

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@plut0n - Congratulations on the win!

Thanks to everyone that participated!

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AWesome piece of work Pluton cant wait to see more from you

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Congratulations, @plut0n, that pic is stunning :O

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Nice I like all of mrfuzzynutz designs though.