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this time around I choose Doctor Doom and Superman. haven't been able to get it out of my head. lets make the deadline July 27. have fun everybody!

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hmm... good choice

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@majinhulk1: i will try... if i have the time, been wanting to draw Victor Von Doom for a loooooong ass time now! Can we draw them seperatly but on the same page like back to back as one picture but two seperate picture or do they have to be locked in epic combat????

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@godofart: well, the point of the amalgam contest is to combine the chosen characters. you have to combine Doom and Superman. you can draw the resulting character fighting someone if you want, but the main focus is putting the characters together and seeing what comes of it. you can check out the amalgam winners thread to see what people have done in the past.

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Victor Von El

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Oh wow I'm really sorry.I'm looking at this now and I really hate it. I'll fix it when I get time.

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giving this a try.. i give you ... Man of Doom

* That's right people! I just got a scanner yesterday!

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Victor Von El, The Monarch of Steel.

His back story would be so cool I bet.

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Hey guys I'm working on getting my writing published and I'm trying to establish a rapport with artists.

Would you guys mind if I provided a back story for this amalgamation?

@ARMIV2 Is it ok if I wrote something up? Oh and I like the name too. Let me know if you like the name Super Doom "The Doctor Of Steel"?

I'm a big fan of this concept.

Hey do you guys do battle panels? Like I said I can whip up a nice prep to it.

Here's some more characters I got for an Amalgamation project if this is something that will be done often.

@majinhulk1 I'm new.... #77?


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@ace_thunder: I'm totally cool with that. The name is Pretty neat as well.

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yea... #77 lol theres an amalgam winners page. you should check it out.

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Ok sorry for my awful previous entry. Here's the new one.

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Here is my take on the amalgam

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weve got some awesome entries here

@bennyq: this looks great man, definite improvement lol.

@egod: man this would make a cool tattoo.

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I'm sorry to keep harping in on these contests, yet over at Deviant Art I'm the cofounder of a group called Amalgams Assembled, and I would accept all entries from this and prior contests into that group. This group could use some more art to put up and if any of the artists posting on here or any prior Amalgams contest is on Deviant Art I encourage you to send in the art you have to the group, as it's just another way to get your art noticed, which is really what artists want right?

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Heres mine.

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@pedromalone: That's mighty generous of ya, but the DoomSupes I have here is a little too messy for Deviant ART I think.

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Von-El, The Doom of Krypton

Von-El was once the cruel and tyrannical leader of Krypton. The people of Krypton rebelled against him and he was deposed and exiled. Driven insane with rage Von-El destroyed the planet as punishment for his peoples defiance.

Von-El travelled through deep space to seek out a new planet to conquer and rule. He eventually found his way to Earth.

In this universe Krypton orbitted a yellow sun like our own, so Von-El has no super powers here on Earth. Instead he relies on advanced Kryptonian technology. Dressed in Kryptonite fuelled, Kryptonian battle armor Von-El strives to rule Earth as he once did Krypton.

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@payno ... damn your awesomeness... its too good.

Some many great entries and I'm rushing mine at the last minute as always.

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Armiv2 your Doomsupes you have here might be a bit rough but it's still cool. I do want to reach out to all of the other people on this post thought that are deviant art members (payno, FrischDVH, EGoD) to submit your entries to this and past Amalgam Contests to the Amalgams Assembled group on Deviant art, and I will as the cofounder of the group make sure they get put in the right gallery folder. The group is expanding, yet I want it to be filled with good art work.

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I rushed and played and rushed and played.... I decided early on to stick closer to Supes color scheme. Also, the symbol on the chest plate is the Kryptonian symbol for 'doom'. I thought it was fitting. Hope you guys like it!

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Dude this is wicked! Everything about it is awesome! :D

Heres mine.

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@redscare: perfect , i just tried to make a good combination but its seem you did it ... perfect combination

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Dr. Krypton Maybe...

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ok, gunna call a close to this one. ill have the voting thread up soon.