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Poll: Amalgam Contest # 75: Top Cow and Your Favorite Character *VOTING THREAD* (13 votes)

artiom1q2w 23%
EGoD 62%

Voting ends on June 18, 2013

Here are the artist and their great versions of their favorite heroes ala Top Cow




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With 10 votes to date...Winner is EGoD with his Phoenix/Witchblade mix!


Great job also to artiom1q2w and KEROGA!

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Thanks to everyone who voted, I'll think of something and get it posted soon.

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@egod: Congrats. A well deserved win. A beautiful illustration.

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Hey would like to see these Amalgams especially your's Egod on the Deviant art page, so I can put them in the Amalgams Assembled group (of which I'm the co-owner of). Also any other amalgams that come out of these contests are welcome in the Amalgams Assembled Group on Deviant art.