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Choose any female Top Cow Character and combine it with your favorite comic character.

Contest Ends on June 16, 2013

Here are some of the female characters of Top Cow:

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Moderator can we pin this thread please.

Thank you very much! :-)


Other female top cow characters

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mister hyde merged with one with the horns

someone can tell me what's name of the woman with the horns and the wings?

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The "Horny" Lady is known as the Angelus... the complete opposite of the The Darkness.

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Of course I have an instant idea for this. I'm surprised @iceprince_x that you forgot about Fathom

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Fathom is owned by Aspen Comics though she debut in Top Cow. I will put her and even Lara Croft in a different area but if you like to use these ladies...why not. ;-)

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HellBoy & The Darkness, Aphrodite IV & Red Sonja,Stryker & Jedi,Velocity & KidFlash (SpeedForce)

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Whoa! Overwhelming Mash-Up! Nice work Keroga!

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That is so cool -- great idea putting a few Top Cow characters together!

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Here's my entry

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So recently I picked my pencil back up to enter one of these contests because well I felt like I was sqaundering my gift. I had some problems with my facial lines and my wife rather then stroking my ego pointed out my problems and that helped. Here I have noticed we are afraid to overly criticize each other and focus on the positive so here I am to help and feel free to tell me in my work what is wrong too.


The good: your contrast is great. The way you use the black and white too make your shading pop is great. Your ink work is stellar and is very tight, I have never even mastered ink so I am always amazed by it.

The work: your proportions on the right shoulder and upper body are a bit blocky as this is supposed to be a monstrous character it works though. You might consider keeping the shoulder to hip proportion a little more true though as not to give to much of a straight line aspect to the shoulder. The right shoulder angle needs a but more of a roll to it to give it the better depth dimension.

Otherwise you have a great Humberto Ramos feel and while I am not a fan of his work, it doesn't change the fact he is a marquee cover artist


The good: you have great symmetry that is so very key in giving a good balanced look especially in facial features. That hell boy face is a perfect example of good symmetrical technique. Your lines are incredibly clean, I have a heavy hand so my line work tends to suffer but if nothing else I can say your line work is amazing.

The work: I have seen your stuff twice now and sometimes less is more. Your hell boy looks great it is the strongest part of this piece the other characters tend to detract. It was the same with your ventress.

Let's talk dimensions in anatomy this beats me up too, your ability and attention to the upper half of the body is generally good where as the lower half if the body is a bit to narrow and short. I know how you feel here it is frustrating but time will help with this or using a comparison like taking a magazine picture and finding out how many heads equal hip width etc.

Finally shading now by my work you can tell I am obsessed with shading. Because of your cartoon style and lines your characters tend to look flat this all has to do with your shading. I would tackle that next to give your work that finished look.

Overall you have a lot of talent and stylistically you have a good grasp on anime new school tattoo thing going. I would challenge you though to do one solid character though.


The good: consistency man I have seen your work over and over and you are just so consistent. I can look at a piece and know you did it and that says a lot. Your color gradients are crazy good that wing flame is perfect I wish I had your skill with color. Proportion if ever there was someone who kills proportion you are him you should give rob liefield some pointers.

The work: I have very little for improvement here but if anything her right forearm seems a bit small and you could probably give a stronger shading to the flesh tones.

Overal another great piece by you and it always forces others to work harder.

Good job everyone

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@egod: Oh egod!! You and your redheads!!

Nicely done as always

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@artiom1q2w: no problem I hope I was helpful you are very talented