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Alright looks like wildcats25 is out so I'll start the voting for the 71st Amalgam Contest. Post your vote for the best amalgam of Rogue and Orion below and the winner will go on to start the next thread. Voting will go until Thursday 10pm PST or sudden death OT in case of a tie.

A couple of the entrants were late but I'm including them here anyways since wildcats was gone to extend or close the contest.

The entrants (in order of entry):








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Hard choice here but the edge goes to EdwardWoods.

Pluton's design is simultaneously scary and sexy and I likes it, I likes it a lot.

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@Shatterstar: Doh! Back to the Thunderdome with us then! Two men enter one man leave!

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@EdwardWoods said:


Sorry bout that :(

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Still in sudden death, currently tied between Pluton and EdwardWoods.

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Blizaga :) I like Pluton's for it's artistic skill, however, I find the costume to be unnecessarily revealing. Edward's is interesting as well, however, the costume strikes me as overly complicated. I feel like Blizaga's design could easily be translated into both animated and illustrated form.

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@Ren_ said:


Looks like takes it with the tiebreaker, super close battle with (apologies again for calling it too early, hope to see more entries in future contests!). Congrats to Plut0n, thanks everyone for participating!

Last Plut0n amalgam win was #19, its been a while!

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@Crazy Pan: unnecessarily revealing????????? thats the point man!!!

just kidding I agree with u that Blizaga's design was the coolest one...

Ok thank u all!!!!

Im already thinking about the next one... propably it would be a guy and a girl like this one...