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For this amalgam contest I've gone for hi-tech meets low-tech. I'd like everyone to combine CYBORG and BLACK KNIGHT.



Deadline is April 28th.

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Now THAT is an interesting choice.

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Hm, rather creative choice.   

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I have an entry ready but I'll post it up tomorrow :P

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Is this open to anyone? Sounds like a fun artistic exercise. I'd like to play along if that's OK.

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heres my entry not sure what to call him though.... blackborg, knight borg, cyber knight? meh

Ill admit that my design mainly takes inspiration from black knight such as the colours and accessories, the cyborg influence obviously comes from the red energy sword in his right hand or his glowing eye. I’ve been reading a lot of cyber force and hunter-killer lately so I took inspiration on those characters are drawn with cybernetics and did this for black knight :P

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@Blizaga101: nice design, I tried making the sword come out his arm cannon too but couldn't get it to look as cool as you did so I scrapped that. Yours looks bad ass :)

This was a toughie, thumbs up Payno on coming up with a really challenging mix, I tried like 15 designs before I settled on this one.

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@tonis: I love how you get the shines from glossy materials.

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@LordRequiem: thanks man, I actually had to push the metal textures higher than normal so they'd get that bright chrome look that Cyborg has. It worked out and provided a decent contrast against the black armor. :)

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@ZZoMBiE13: Go ahead, these are open to everyone. I for one look forward to your thoughts.

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@tonis: thanks for the cool comment, see i really like your design as youve got more cyborg references in it and i love the mask, really cool idea :P

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Wow. Some cool entries so far. :)

Here's mine:

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@ZZoMBiE13: totally kicks butt, nice bright colors and I dig the transparent energy weapons. Welcome to the artists corner with a most excellent piece :)

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@tonis: Thanks, I appreciate that.

Do these contests happen often? They seem like a lot of fun. I'm always looking for something to do outside of my comfort zone ( stuff like THIS ) for a challenge and to try and learn something new.

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@ZZoMBiE13: it's because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone with photoshop that I started doing these, yea they're a lot of fun and a great way to stretch the creative muscles.

There's always a contest going for the following themes:

Character Creation



Artist Show Off (general)


Public Domain Redesign

Crank Those Panels

Round Robin (non artist user based themes - really fun one)

Those are all theme based where the winner gets to pick the next subject.

We also have a monthly artist showcase where you can submit anything you've done in that month and it's more genre and medium based than a specific theme.

Between all those you'll find tons of ways to play with ideas and lots of creative talent to bounce off of ;)

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@tonis: Nice. Thanks so much. Sorry if I'm being a noob. I've been a Whiskey Media subscriber for a while, but didn't really start digging into the community options until recently. Around the time BRICKED was going on if you recall all that TESTED stuff, pre-buyout era. Glad I decided to start poking around though, I dig this place a lot.

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@ZZoMBiE13: not to worry, the art corner is noob friendly and takes no time to become a regular.

With your skills you'll certainly find plenty of creative outlets here :)

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Great Amalgam Contest idea and great entries already. Really kick butt!

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