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we got some great entries for this cosmic challenge. :)

names are in captions below the image, take you pick and we'll announce the winner on 2/20 midnight EST.

Decoy Elite
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I really liked this contest, it had some of my favorite entries in recent memory.

I had to go with LT's but it was a very difficult choice.

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I go with maxicere

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@_slim_ said:


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Unfortunately these voting threads keep getting buried, especially the ones with the Polls.

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@Decept-O: I think the same. I don't like this way. the vote appears occult. It's so cold. Fortunately everybody don't use this method. I never will use this.

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@Decept-O said:

Unfortunately these voting threads keep getting buried, especially the ones with the Polls.

they get buried cause they don't get pinned, not cause they're polls.

I respect if you guys prefer the other method of collecting votes but personally I find that to be more a problem cause you can't always tell when someones voting or quoting and it's possible to miscount.

You can't miscount a poll, and it's still got a thread for people to comment, but without the need to do the counting.

It's just the more logical choice for this stuff ;)

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Maxicere. :)

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@tonis: You are right about the count of votes, don't exist possibilities for mistakes. But for this way no one make a comment, is a blind vote, almost worthless. I like to know who votes for my work, this thing give me confidence and I can thank this people. It's just my opinion.

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@maxicere: I agree on that it's nice to see who votes for you and what not and there's nothing stopping people from commenting on who they vote for in the thread as some have done. On the flip side though it's also nice to also have the freedom of keeping it anonymous too. That is how most voting is with anything else out there.

Regardless, I do it this way because I don't wanna count something half ass between comments when there's a perfectly good solution to avoid it ;)

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@tonis: I like the Poll function because of the anonymity but the contests with Polls do get buried because of the reason you mentioned AND because when people vote, it doesn't help bump the contest. That is what I should have specified. However I have a minor thing about the Poll function. I like it but I also have reservations. I DO wish voters would refrain from quoting other users' votes; I tend to count them as votes but it DOES get tedious having to count through them and also to remind users not to do it. I am just griping but I bring this up because I have noticed more of the contest voting threads with the Poll function getting buried more frequently.

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Looks like maxicere scooped this one up with that epic planet devouring :)

nice job everyone and I'll send him a PM to get the next one started.