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Here are the gorgeous ladies made by their respected artists: 

Crimson Mambo by Payno


 Amalgam Voodoo/Scarlet Witch by Decept_O & Tonis


Xanadu by FrischDVH 

   '"million lights are dancing 
And there you are
A shooting star
An everlasting world 
And you're here with me

 Here is Xanadu......


Violet Rogue by Tonis

You know the drill guys!!! 
Voting ends at December 30, 2010 
good luck to all artists and thanks for joining!!!
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I was really torn on this one.  Really torn.  But I love the concept here, the VooDoo and witchcraft staff, the tats, and just the overall design.   
Tonis did an incredible job, to say the very least.  I wish I could say both but I have to go for one.
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 FrischDVH. Although all contestants did a great job, I can only vote for one.

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although I'd like to go with Decept-O on the sexyness, being involved in the coloring makes me a little biased in deciding. 
I'll go with FrischDVH as well, that's something really special my friend, absolutely crazy cool designs ;)

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Tonis. Beautiful colors and the costume is stripperific. Yes it is a word. :)

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gotta go with Tonis on this one
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Xanadu by FrischDVH

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very good entries...close battle between panyo and frischdvh here-with my vote going to frisch...really nice design and pose and strong work on her hands.

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My vote is for Payno, good luck to everyone though, very nice entries!

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Payno, really like his mix.

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Contest begins when FrischDVH starts it. 
To all the artists and supporters of this contest... THANK YOU and have PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!! 
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whoa, sweet way to announce it, well done :)
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Thanks everybody who participated and voted. I should have one up by tomorrow. Happy New Year all!

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Congrats!  I really love your work on this one.