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Great entries by everyone. Vote for your favorite. 
Voting will end 16th December. 




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Damn it's so close between ice and tonis this time. I love them both, but I'll have to go with tonis on this one. Excellent job to you guys

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Gambit1024 gets my vote though tonis comes close to him.

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IcePrince_X. Although all the entries are very good.
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Tonis for sure!! 

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Iceprince X: The mask is my favorite part.
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Gambit 1024

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IcePrince_ X.   
Again, very hard to decide on this one!  IcePrince_X's piece immediately invokes a mood, something I didn't expect for this Contest at all! 
Payno is right on the money with utilizing the aspects of Gambit and Joker in the costume design and Tonis' piece is electrifyingly good!  Gambit1024 did a drawn entry which is great, and LT1085's piece is extra creepy. ( but in a good way )
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iceprince, its got a crowish or v like feel to it.

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Moderator Online
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All strong entries this time around - Payno always blows me away - but I think I gotta go with Gambit1024 this time around. 

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Oooh, this is a hard one but I have to go with IcePrince_X. Tonis' entry is freakin' hilarious, though.

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 IcePrince_X. The shading is awesome/

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 Gambit1024 has got my vote

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Ice Prince for moi

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Ok, voting is now over and the winner is... IcePrince_X.


Well done, can't wait to see what you come up with for the next contest.

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Thanks for all the votes guys! This piece is one of my fave so far from what I had submitted here in the vine.  
Give me a few hours of sleep and I will open our new AMALGAM contest.

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Congratulations!  Very well deserved.  This was a great Contest to watch and vote on.
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