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Amalgam #28 - Mean Machine Angel + Sabretooth
Voting ends  June 10 at 12am EDT
(No whining please)  - or editing my posts 









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DavidR with FrishDVH a close second.
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DavidR... The composition is just insane... The lines bring depth like no other. Add the bits of detail all over the pic... What an artistic masterpiece (though honestly everything he makes is a masterpiece). 
2nd place for me goes to LT... He may be hated by many for what he did with the DQ issue but nobody can deny the talent of the man.

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wow this is definately the hardest contest ive had to vote for, every single entry is amazing....but ill vote for LT085, the concept of it is just so good! Great job to everyone else though, not a single bad entry oin this concept.
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DavidR. He is just too much!

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DavidR rocks it.

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This one has been hard for me also, I have come back several times to look and see which one and how it is I was going to merit my vote. What I have noticed on these contests it's that people vote for which one they like the most as to how it makes them feel regardless of at what level the artists are at.
 High impact in color and execution of the finished product definitely goes to Lt, but what motivates me to choose is the feeling I get from the catlike stealth of Caligula's. It evokes movement of the character and even though it was a toss up for opposing reasons. 

This is one of the few reasons I feel the way the contests are set up are a little difficult to judge. If it was just on color and execution Lt's may have won by a landslide but since there is such a variation with pen&ink and pencils alone, it's hard to always just pick one that is colored. On this I had too go with the feel that moved me more, it wasn't by much but my choice goes to...

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And it's DavidR with a landslind victory!   

  @DavidR:  congratulations, you certainly earned it.

Wow, it's like a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders haha. Can't wait to see what you come up with for amalgam #29!
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Congrats to DavidR! 

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Awww... I forgot to vote...
Well I know it's not going to make a difference but I vote for Caligula... because I have seen his progress over time, and his art looks better and better every time he enters a contest!
but nevertheless congrats DavidR