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Here are the entries for the 18th Amalgam Contest: Green Arrow/Punisher.  The artists' names are listed below their work.  Let the voting begin!

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 Legmonic gets my vote.

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Legmonic, I dig the skull with the arrow for the nose. (Welcome to the Vine BTW)

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Lets run the voting through tomorrow (Friday the 13th) at 5 pm EST

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legmonic killed it. Also liked om1kron and Nevermine's.

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These are all very good entries... It's very hard to vote on one.... 
I am torn between all the great concepts... 
CuttingEdgeComix - Hood and colors
Selkirk - Tattoo 
Caligula - Robin Hood look 
Om1kron - Mask 
ComicCrazy - Grenade Arrow 
FrischDVH - Overcoat 
Nevermind - Huge Bow 
Kys - Green Guns (lol) 
Legmonic - Mask and BTW your style is very good Welcome to the Vine 
In the end I'm gonna go with ComicCrazy..... because I'm not going to vote on creativity or concept or style or even how good they are... 
My vote is for progress... I think that out of all the entries ComicCrazy has had the most progress... 
@ComicCrazy: I can tell your anatomy is getting better and when talking about clothes I love how you ripple them... You just need to go a little bit further with shadowing because woth improved shadowing I think your art will look even more attractive... Dont' be afraid of "coloring" with the pencil!
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That costume is mighty fine. (:

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My vote is for Om1kron

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Time's up, the votes are in and the winner is...
We look forward to your challenge!

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Thanks to everybody that voted!  Everybody else's submissions had elements that i wish i had thought of. now on to the next contest.

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@Agent Buttons said:
" Om1kron "
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sweet work