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This is a VERY VERY HARD ONE! Lots of good contenders and concepts! WOW!

Before anything else...congratulations goosehorn, you really brought out the artists of comicvine on this one!

FrishDVH gets my vote for a good back up storyline and coming up with a good variation of the concept given.

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EGOD gets my vote but every one did an awesome job.

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Wow this is so cool.... I think this is the contest with the most entries....

My vote goes to (drumroll) Pressoblivion

I think it was the most creative of them all

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ugh so many good entries. im torn between EGoD, PressOb., &ARMIV.


but im gunna have to go with oblivion on this one

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Yeah whoa. theres three really really good ones here and all three deserve to win! but im going to have to go with (...wait for it...) EGOD!!!
he has this one in the bag! good job to everybody. and good luck to egod becouse yours seems to pop and outshine all other entrys. way to go!

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Voting for FrishDVH this time.

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I'm rooting for PRESSOBLIVION.

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I also have to go with PressOblivion, those boots are awesome! 

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@KnightKat said:
"I also have to go with PressOblivion, those boots are awesome!  "

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Everyone did great but I have to go with, PressOblivion.

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I have to give a lot of credit to Cuttingedge for helping through this one! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have known about the competition (I need to spend more time hanging out here!) and if he hadn't asked if I was going to put this one to color, I may not have gone as far as I did with this drawing, and it still needs some work :0) Thanks for your votes everyone! I really appreciate it. I have to say that there are a lot of ideas here that are much better than mine and I think that creativity and originality are the focal points here. If forgot to include the lasso so I should lose credibility on that note.

For me, there's a tie between Egod and Cuttingedgekomix. There are a some similar elements to both yet each is an individual and unique design at the same time and stand out as great executions of the theme.

I also really like what FRISHDVH put together as well! Great style and ambition in this piece with a lot of great energy with awesome design elements to both characters, I'd love to see this as a comic!

Pluton, your rendering skills are amazing to look at! Jpall's color scheme put together a very classic Superhero feel for me and I think that the blend of both characters into one was done really nicely!

Goosehorn, on over all originality I have to hand it to you, the transition of cape to skirt was a stroke of genius!

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press oblivion-6

HERE YEE HERE YEE i here by crown press oblivion the winner of amagalm #9 congrats my friend you earned it

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Woo Hoo! Awesome! Thanks for the votes everyone! It was a fun challenge and I was honored to participate!

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@Press Oblivion: now as the winner of this contest you must start a new one ----amagalm #10 or dafer and let someone else start #10
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OK I'll have to think about it for a minute.

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@goosehorn: OK I've posted the next Amalgam Thread. I don't know how to make it a sticky or anchor, I assume a Moderator will have to take care of that? not sure. Thanks