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well now is the time to vote...vote early and vote well. two entrants:

or Manimal

these are the two entrants. voting will end say on sunday the 12th-meaning votes should be cast by the end of saturday . so vote early for your favorite....let's get it on.

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oh quick backdrop the amalgalm is lady death and ma hunkel.

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Manimal gets this one for me.
I like the grittiness of the lines and humor in your helmet.


Heard your call Selkirk

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so the winner...finally, of amalgalm contest #2 is manimal...congrats

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Thanks IcePrince_X....
I don't know why people are uninterested in this topic... I love the idea of blending two characters together... it makes you get creative.. but yeah... i got my girlfriend to enter with me.. and the only vote cast was because of another thread... I don't know if I should make a third amalgalm or not.. maybe title the competition a different more familiar sounding name? Your character choices were awesome Selkirk..... so whats the deal?

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a bit unsure myself...forum participation here  is beyond hit and miss. you not only should make amalgalm contest #3, you must make amalgalm contest #3.

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I think the Ma Hunkle was a pretty unknown character, and people don't want to try and fool with something they've never heard of. Plus, trying to blend those two characters would be very hard. In the future, you should probably pick two characters that have something in common or something that can be easily blended together if you want these contests to be a success.

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second pic