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I've been looking for a design for my RPG character, Strafe. I haven't found a design in all of comics that suits me, so i decided to let you guys create the design. You have full artistic control of what the costume looks like.

Unfortunately, I don't have money for a commission, so I know this isn't very appealing. However, I will credit you in the bio of my character.

Here's his Bio:

Name: Strafe Prower

Real Name: Yuro Prower

Height: 6'3

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Affiliation: None

Martial Arts Styles Mastered





Southern Praying Mantis

Strafe's First Costume


Yuro Prower was a regular man in Tokyo, Japan with an average job and an average job. He had two kids that made average grades and average achievements. He wasn't satisfied in life. He wanted something more. He was in Greece on a business trip. Demons sent by Hades to earth on his plan to take it over. A group of 8 people deemed worthy by the Greek gods with gifts of the Elements to drive the demons back. Yuro was chosen to be able to control the substance that was ice.He was blessed with being able to control, create, and become ice. He can control ice at a subatomic level and was given the gifts of wisdom and strategy to help him lead the team to a victory against the demons. The god decided that they were worthy enough to keep them. They have become the Greek Gods connection to humanity and are the first line of defense against any threat to the human race. The only conditions the gods had were to be loyal and keep their identities a secret. Yuro then took on the name of Strafe. The team decided to honor Strafe by using the name Prower in their Super Hero names. They became known as the Prower Clan. Being the leader of the team, Strafe learned a lot about battle and became the first to master his power. He is an Olympic level athlete and can push his body to the extremes of human capability.


Strafe has the ability to Create, Control and Become living Ice and can change it at a subatomic level. He is a Olympic athlete with a genius level intellect and a master Strategist. He is very creative with his Ice and can destroy Ice as well. Being blessed by the Gods, He is Immortal and has peak human reflexes. He has mastered his power and If he proves himself worthy, The Gods will allow him to take his powers to the next level. He was given the ability to Fly recently because of a mission and has mastered it now as well. He does not automatically go to Ice form in battle and does not like to do so. He recently acquired the ability to control water and has mastered it after being in training with Poseidon for what seemed like ages. He has the ability to control and create Water in any form. He can also turn his body into water on a whim, but like his Ice form, he does not like to do this. It makes him seem less human. He also went through more Martial Arts training and has become a high level martial artist.


Strafe's New Costume

When The Prower Clan was split apart by the gods so the could emerge themselves into the super hero community of earth, Strafe found himself lonely and In need of friendship. He was recruited by Breaker to the Elite Order, a team of Hero's who Strafe grew close too. Strafe was fond of the members and order of the team and they did a lot of good. Strafe trained with and became close to several members, especially Gerald who was also newer to the game. Strafe was with the team until they disbanded by the leader's request. This gave opening to the God's time to increase Strafe's power. The God Posiden appeared before Strafe and requested that Strafe come to his side to train. Strafe decided to do so after learning of his fellow Prower Clan member Kyle Prower's death. Kyle controlled water and Strafe was the next in line to take this power if something was to happen to him. Strafe trained with Posiden ever since that day until now. Strafe has reemerged with a new look and fire for those who can't defend themselves.

I'd love for one of my favorite artists from CV to do it, but if your busy I understand.

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Wow, that sounds very interesting and is already appealing enough. I will have so much fun doing it, i don't even see why i should get the money :p

I'll try to make my piece soon.


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I could work on something for this too.... what kind of feel are you looking for? Something Silver Age, classic spandex? Something with a realistic tone and edgy? Gritty and dark? ANY? ALL?

Knowing the feel might really help.

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@redscare: Strafe has stated that we have full artistic control, so i assume we could do anything with the costume. You could give it any feel you think it is good enough.


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@spidey 15: Much thanks for being interested!! :)

@redscare: spidey is correct in saying you have full artistic control. Whatever the bio inspires you to draw, draw it!

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@Strafe Prower: No prob.


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@redscare: Are you still interested? I never heard back from you ;/

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Took a stab at it. Hope you don't mind.

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I have mine... I just keep forgetting to bring it to work and scan... probably tomorrow...

@FrischDVH - Killer... I really like the idea for the mask

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@FrischDVH: That is a wonderful job! I'm very happy with it :)

@redscare: Ok! I'm excited to see it :)

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Here's what I've done so far. I'm playing with the colors a little, which I should hopefully have up a little quicker (my hope is tomorrow). But feel free to play around with coloring this one if you're interested in that sort of thing and if you like this I will gladly draw something a little more action orientated.

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@redscare: I love this as well. I like the different take on the mask and boots.

Sadly, my coloring isn't good, so I would love to see what you do with it :)

You would be willing to do a second one? If you want to, I would appreciate it!

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@spidey 15: Friendly reminder :)

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@Strafe Prower: Don't worry bro, i haven't forgot but these days i'm busy as hell. Too much work from school. Sorry for being so late, but i'll try to have it finished probably in the next week or in the weekend.


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@spidey 15: OK :)

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@redscare: @spidey 15: Bump for you two :)