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Hi guys! My name is Terrell Culbert, illustrator, photographer and director. Blah, blah I want to introduce everyone here to my current project, BAM (Breathe Again Magazine) it's a small press publication. We are a pop-culture magazine created for comic book fans and all who are awesome such as yourself!

BAM is a fanboys brain just "exploding"! I have been a geek my entire life and there has never been a moment when I was not thinking about comics, toys, cartoons or girls! Not necessarily in that order…at least I don't think so. Anyway this magazine is all those things I just mentioned because "hell", thats pretty much all I still think about! No really, I want people to see the cosplayers, artwork and the other cool stuff that might get missed at conventions. So in a way I suppose I want to contain some of that excitement stylize it and put it into my magazine.

Aside from all that we are also a cosplay group that produces comic book related photography and fan films. As a company we are always on the look out for fun new comic book conventions. Guest or visitors to an event it is our "primary goal" to create an amazing atmosphere for all in attendance. There will be 20 pages dedicated to the beautiful women of cosplay. Those pages will feature pin-up's assorted photos and interviews. I take care when setting up this section of the book. Mostly because guys are true fan’s of these women who tour the shows dressed as their favorite heroine or vixen and simply want to know more about their convention celebrities. Girls too for that matter! Some ladies are just curious about cosplay make-up and costume tip’s.

If you are a comic book creator, fan of just a fan of pop culture, please feel free to leave a comment donate to the kickstarter or give me a shout out atBreathe Again Magazineon Facebook! We would love to hear from you!

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