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Well by all accounts and information we're doing well. We're up on every list and we're 95% confident that our kickstarter will get funded.... We're all smiles and that worries me.

I submitted our professional apps to attend comic con int this year. I know we will participate in regional events and in all honestly it's more beneficial to us to do so. But the idea of attending the big bertha of the comic-cons ,..well that's a pretty big carrot. it gives us something to work towards. I like that.

I backed the Cincinnati comicon and actually I'm excited for the opportunity to walk into the fist of those events. Coming form the nutrition health industry it's amazing how powerful it is to be able to say "I've been coming here since this one first started".

this is a snippet of a promo piece we'll be putting out today hopefully. We're trying to get up the the 80% mark on our kickstarter first.