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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally the most underestimated character ever (but one of most cool) : Aquaman.

Let's take a look at the new Aquaman feats in this new universe:

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  • STR: Strength
  • STK: Striking
  • DUR: Durability
  • HEL: Healing
  • SPD: Speed
  • SKL: Skill
  • REC: Reaction
  • TP: Telepathy
  • MER: Mera
  • MISC: Miscellaneous

Aquaman 00

  1. (STR) Aquaman in his youth is easily able to destroy a door
  2. (SPD) Aquaman swims away at speed
  3. (HEL) Aquaman gets bit by a shark and his wound heals immediately
  4. (TP) Aquaman first learns to use his TP and controls a shark
  5. (STR) Aquaman holds back a boat from crashing onto the shoreline

Aquaman 01

  1. (SPD) Aquaman jumps in at super speed

  2. (MISC) Cool shot of Aquaman
  3. (STR) Aquaman flips over a truck with ease
  4. (DUR) Aquaman tanks AK-47 gunfire with only a minor scratch
  5. (STK, SPD, MISC) Aquaman KO's a robber with a backhand - also reveals he superjumped from Boston Harbor because he heard sirens (from miles away)
  6. (SPD) Aquaman superjumps across Boston in one panel
  7. (TP) Aquaman explains how his telepathy works

Aquaman 02

  1. (MER) Mera demonstrates her hydrokinesis
  2. (TP) Aquaman scans the nearby waters for life signs
  3. (STK, MER) Aquaman cutts off the head of a trench monster, Mera cuts a Trench monster's face with hydrokinesis
  4. (MER, DUR, STK) Mera attacks several Trench with her hydrokinesis, a trench monster breaks its teeth on Aquaman's armor, Aquaman knocks back a couple monsters with his trident
  5. (DUR) Aquaman tanks a Trench monster's spit (later revealed to be highly poisonous)

Aquaman 03

  1. (TP, DUR) Aquaman attempts to use his TP on a Trench, gets bit on the arm
  2. (MER) Mera dispatches more Trench with hydrokinesis
  3. (STK, SKL) Aquaman punches a trench monster and uses leverage to redirect its attack
  4. (STK, DUR) Aquaman knocks back a few Trench and gets thrown through a pier
  5. (SPD, MER) Aquaman and Mera super jump away from the scene
  6. (TP) Aquaman learns how to use TP as a boy
  7. (HEL) By the time sun has set Aquaman's wound has healed
  8. (SPD, MER) Aquaman and Mera superjump off into the clouds

Justice League 03

  1. (STR, SKL) Aquaman dispatches a parademon and arrives on scene, immediately wanting to take the lead.

Aquaman 04

  1. (SPD, MER) Aquaman and Mera swim at superspeed, creating a vortex behind them
  2. (STR, MER) Aquaman and Mera break off a huge section of the Trench's Nest that has captives. Mera then supports it by herself as Aquaman fights Trench
  3. (DUR) Aquaman fights off a hoard of trench and gets bit again
  4. (DUR) Aquaman gets slammed into a rock wall without issue
  5. (STK, HEL) Aquaman causes a volcanic eruption with his Trident, his wound is also completely healed
  6. (MER, SPD) Mera is still supporting the weight of the nest and creating a vortex behind her with speed. Aquaman speeds up to her and swims around a giant cliff
  7. (STR) Aquaman muscles the cliff to break and collapses the Trench
  8. (STR, Mera) Aquaman and Mera continue to carry the section of the nest with capture people

Justice League 04

  1. (TP) Aquaman uses his telepahty to call for Great White Sharks
  2. (MISC) Sharks eat several demons
  3. (STK, REC) Aquaman stabs a parademon heading for him at speed
  4. (MISC) Aquaman fights more parademons

Aquaman 05

  1. (DUR) Aquaman falls from alltitude but isn't KO'd
  2. (DUR) Aquaman also has a Atlantean spear in his leg
  3. (DUR) Aquaman has only minor cuts and bruises from the explosion (revealed later) and fall
  4. (DUR) Aquaman rips the spear out of his leg
  5. (MISC) Aquaman compares his super hearing to Superman's
  6. (REC) Aquaman deflects a laser blast off his trident after it was fired
  7. (SPD, STR) Aquaman jumps onto a plane taking off, is strong enough to bend the metal just by gripping it
  8. (TP) Aquaman uses his TP to cure his hallucinations
  9. (STK) Aquaman kicks in the planes' door
  10. (STK, DUR) Aquaman punches an Atlantean helmet and break its, tanks the plane exploding

Aquaman 06

  1. (MER) Mera combats multiple enemies with her hydrokinesis
  2. (MER, STR) Mera breaks a mans' arm just by grabbing it
  3. (MER) Mera demonstrates her hydrokinesis
  4. (MER, STR) Mera easily breaks a pair of handcuffs
  5. (MER, STK) Mera kicks a car door of the hinges and bends it in two
  6. (MER) Mera using her hydrokinesis on a Man
  7. (MER) Mera pulls the water from a man's blood, dehydrating him to near-death before stopping
  8. (MER, SPD) Mera super jumps into the sky

Justice League 06

  1. (STK) Aquaman stabs Darkseid in the chest with his Trident
  2. (STK) Aquaman stabs Darkseid in the eyes with this Trident

Aquaman 07

  1. (STR) Aquaman pulls a ship through a storm
  2. (MER) Mera using her hydrokinesis to control tidal waves

Justice League 07

  1. (STK) Aquaman kills a Graves' monster with his Trident
  2. (STK) Aquaman kills another Graves monster with his Trident

Aquaman 08

  1. (SPD) Aquaman outspeeds an avalanche to save a child

Justice League 08

  1. (STK) Aquaman whacks a Talon with his Trident

Aquaman 09

  1. (REC, DUR) Aquaman stepping in front of bullets and tanking them

Aquaman 10

  1. (MISC) The Operative's jet flys at hypersonic speed
  2. (STK) Aquaman punches Black Manta who crashes into a car and heavily damages it
  3. (STR, DUR) Aquaman and Black Manta's fight destroys more of the car, Aquaman goes flying through a window
  4. (STR, SPD) Aquaman slams Black Manta through a building wall at blur speeds
  5. (STR) Aquaman snaps Black Manta's Dad's neck
  6. (DUR) Aquaman tanks Black Manta's lasers at point blank range
  7. (DUR) Aquaman tanks another shot that destroys his armor and leaves minor burns

Justice League 10

  1. (STR) Aquaman casually lifts up a cruise ship

Aquaman 11

  1. (MER, STR) Mera fights Black Manta and tears his suit
  2. (MER, DUR) Mera gets electrocuted and is temporarily stunned, but fine
  3. (DUR) Aquaman jumps out of a jet into water
  4. (SPD) Aquaman outswims a hypersonic jet
  5. (SPD) Aquaman arrives at the island in no time

Justice League 11

  1. Aquaman uses his leadership skills to calm down Diana

Aquaman 12

  1. (MER, SPD) Mera swims at super speed and claims she is faster than Aquaman
  2. (MER, SPD) Mera catches up to the hypersonic jet and super jumps through the clouds
  3. (MER, SPD) Mera lands on the hypersonic jet in flight
  4. (STK, DUR) Aquaman stabs one of Manta's henchmen through the chest and tanks bullets with only minor scratches
  5. (REC, DUR, HEL) Aquaman saves Chin from a falling pillar and tanks the pillar landing on him, his wounds have healed
  6. (STR, MER, STK) Aquaman lifts the pillar off himself, Mera attacks several henchmen with Hydrokinesis, Aquaman KO's a man with a casual elbow
  7. (STR, MER) Aquaman and Mera casually support more of the collapsing cave debris

Justice League 12

  1. (STK) Aquaman shatters Graves' armor with his Trident

Aquaman 13

  1. (MISC) Arthur winds up his punch (con't in next scan)
  2. (STR) Arthur punches through the cave wall
  3. (REC) Aquaman dodges Black Manta's laser blast
  4. (MISC) Black Manta prepares to fire
  5. (SPD, REC) Before Manta can fire Aquaman destroys Manta's Helmet
  6. (DUR) Aquaman shrugs off Manta's tasers

Justice League 14

  1. (SKL) Aquaman quickly forms a plan for defeating Cheetah
  2. (MISC) WW Throws Cheetah in the water
  3. (SPD, STR) Before Cheetah can react Aquaman grabs and restrains her

Aquaman 15

  1. (SPD) Aquaman saves a couple from the tidal waves
  2. (MER) Mera controls tidal waves with her hydrokinesis
  3. (SPD) Aquaman catches Mera falling off a buildign
  4. (MER) Mera clearing out the water with Hydrokinesis

Justice League 15

  1. (STR) Aquaman knocks out two thugs
  2. (MISC, MER) Cool shot of Mera using her hydrokinesis

Justice League 16

  1. (STR) Aquaman holds Batman by the throat
  2. (DUR, SPD, STK) Aquaman tanks an explosion from Batman without a scratch, blasts by Diana and punches Superman who goes flying off panel for several pages.
  3. (STR, SPD) Aquaman turns around after Diana lasso's him, over powers her and tackles her at super speed through a pier, destroying it.
  4. (DUR) Aquaman tanks a punch from Diana and only has a bloody lip
  5. (SKL) Aquaman knocks back several Atlanteans and fights Orm
  6. (STR) Aquaman knocks back Orm with a punch
  7. (DUR) Aquaman (and the rest of the JLA) get hit with a huge lightening storm
  8. (DUR) Aquaman is the last to be KO'D

Aquaman 16

  1. (HEL, STK, TP) Aquaman recovers before the rest of the Justice League, smashes out of his ice prison and calls for fish with his TP
  2. (DUR) Aquaman is slashes by a Trench
  3. (STK) Aquaman stabs a trench monster
  4. (MER) Mera blasts a trench with hydrokinesis
  5. (MER, HEL) Mera blasting more Trench, Aquaman's wound heals

Justice League 17

  1. (MER, SPD) Mera using her Hydrokinesis, Aquaman jumps at super speed
  2. (STR, STK) Aquaman fights Orm, smashes through rocks with a punch
  3. (SPD, REC) Aquaman tackles Orm at super speed, dodges an attack from Orm
  4. (SPD, STR, DUR) Aquaman tackles Orm at super speed through a bus, tanked an electric attack
  5. (DUR) Aquaman is thrown through a building
  6. (DUR) Aquaman tanks another electrical attack from Orm
  7. (MER) Mera holds back a city-sized Tidal wave with her Hydrokinesis
  8. (STR) Aquaman throws a bus at Ocean Master
  9. (STK) Aquaman breaks Ocean Master's helmet with a punch
  10. (STK) Aquaman defeats several Trench
  11. (MISC) Aquaman being badass
  12. (SKL) Aquaman leads the Justice League and the Atlantean army against the Trench
  13. (STK) Aquaman decks Vulko
  14. (MISC) Aquaman commands the trench with the Sceptor

Aquaman 17

  1. (SKL) Aquaman commands the Atlanteans
  2. (TP) Aquaman summons a hoard of sea life
  3. (TP) Aquaman's TP is throughout the oceans and wakes up Dead King

Aquaman 18

  1. (STR) Aquaman deals with a couple of theivs
  2. (SKL) Aquaman showing off his leadership of Atlantis

Aquaman 19

  1. (MISC) Aquaman summons Topo with a horn
  2. (MISC) Topo's size
  3. (MISC) Aquaman confirms the scanvenger is using nuclear subs (this is relevant later)
  4. (MER) Mera swims at speed away from Dead King
  5. (DUR) Aquaman tanks an explosion without injury
  6. (MISC, STR) Aquaman uses his hearing to sense for life, rips off the side of a Submarine

Justice League 19

  1. (SPD) Aquaman does a small superjump

Aquaman 21

  1. (MER) Mera blasting a Xebel with her Hydrokinesis
  2. (STK, STR) Aquaman smashes a hole in the side of a submarine, lifts it up
  3. (STR) Aquaman throws the nuclear submarine
  4. (STR) Submarines is thrown to the surface, Aquaman tears off its side with his Trident
  5. (MER, DUR) Mera tanks a water blast from Nerues
  6. (STK, SPD) Aquaman smashes a boat in half and swims at speed searching for Mera

Aquaman 22

  1. (TP) Aquaman uses to TP to summon Sharks
  2. (TP) Aquaman's sharks attack Dead King
  3. (STK) Aquaman shatter's Dead King's ice that is imprisoning Mera
  4. (SPD, TP, MERA) Mera and Aquaman swim away from Dead King at speed, Aquaman scans a sunken ship for life
  5. (STR) Aquaman throws a ship at Dead King
  6. (DUR) Aquaman tanks a shot from Dead King, gets a bloody lip and crashes through a sunken plane and ship
  7. (MER) Mera breaks Dead King's prisons with her Hydrokinesis
  8. (STR) Aquaman shatters more of Dead King's constructs
  9. (DUR) Aquaman gets stabbed 3 times by Dead King's ice
  10. (HEL) Aquaman's wound healing
  11. (HEL) Aquaman's wounds heal completely

Justice League 22

  1. (SPD) Aquaman super jumps to attack Hawkman in flight

Justice League of America 06

  1. (STK) Aquaman grazes Hawkman and draws blood

Aquaman 23

  1. (SPD, MER) Aquaman and Mera swim at speed
  2. (MER) Mera uses her powers to break the force field around Xebel
  3. (MER, DUR, SPD) Mera continues to manipulte the field, Mera and Aquaman tank a water attack from Nerues without harm, Mera uses her hydrokinesis to counterattack Nerues, Aquaman and Mera swim at speed out of Xebel
  4. (MISC) Mera and Aquaman break out of Xebel and making with the lovin'
  5. (SPD, MER) Aquaman blitzing three invaders, Mera blasting with her hydrokinesis
  6. (TP) Aquaman strains himself to contact Topo with his TP - something with Atlanteans though impossible
  7. (MISC) Topo is the size of the entire city
  8. (MISC) Topo easily crushes two nuclear submarines

Justice League 23

  1. (MISC) Aquaman fighting Darkseid with the JLA
  2. (MISC) Aquaman fighting with the JLA
  3. (SKL, DUR) Aquaman fights Hawkman and gets sucked punched by MMH (disguised as Mera)

Aquaman 24

  1. (DUR) Aquaman jumps into a huge cavern without trouble, also is unaffected by cold
  2. (MISC) Shot of the Kingdom of Atlantis
  3. (MISC) Dead King forges the Atlantean relics
  4. (MISC) Dead King destroys the 7 Kingdoms of Atlantis with his sceptor
  5. (MISC) More destruction of the Kingdoms
  6. (STK) Aquaman shatters the magical ice

Aquaman Annual 01

  1. (SKL) Aquaman arrives on scene and immediately assumes command
  2. (STK) Aquaman knocks out Trench monsters with the blunt end of his Trident
  3. (STK) Knocks out another Trench monster
  4. (TP) Arthur contacts Ya'Wara with his telepathy
  5. (TP) Aquaman talks with Ya'Wara with telepathy
  6. (MISC) Some of the abilities of the Atlantean relics
  7. (MISC) Another atlantean relic
  8. (SKL) Arthur's leadership skills in leading The Others
  9. (SPD, STR, MISC) Aquaman easily swims through a Tsunami - the Prison of War uses his Manacles' Force Shield to block tidal waves
  10. (SPD, STK) Aquaman torpedos himself upwards out of the water and punches Morgan Le Fey
  11. (DUR) Aquaman tanked a magical blast from Morgan Ley Fey and is unharmed
  12. (DUR) Aquaman's Trident tanks another magical blast from Morgan Ley Fey and is undamaged

Aquaman 25

  1. (MISC) Aquaman reveals he has access to 60 billion dollars of treasure on the ocean floor
  2. (MISC) Aquaman calls the Trench
  3. (MISC) Aquaman commands the Trench to free Atlantis
  4. (STK) Aquaman smashes Mera's prison
  5. (MER, STR) Mera attacks with her hydrokinesis, Aquaman tears apart Dead King's ice
  6. (REC, DUR) Aquaman dodges Dead King's Ice, Aquaman gets stabbed by the Trident
  7. (MISC) Dead King charges up his attack
  8. (STR, DUR) Aquaman stops Dead King's attack that previous destroying the 7 Kingdoms of Atlantis
  9. (STR, SPD, HEL, SKL) Aquaman fights the Dead King and punches him. Aquaman tackles Dead King and they go across half of Atlantis in one panel, Aquaman's wound has healed
  10. (STK) Aquaman punches Dead King into a lava pit
  11. (DUR) Aquaman is surronded by lava
  12. (DUR) Aquaman emerges from the Lava unharmed

Justice League of America 09

  1. (SPD) Aquaman leaping and attack MMH
  2. (SPD) Aquaman leaps into the sky, above the clouds

Aquaman 26

  1. (DUR) Aquaman and Mera can swim in Lava without issues, whereas other Atlanteans have to wear protective suits (we know this of Arthur from last issue as well)
  2. (MER) Aquaman saves a couple Atlanteans, Mera doing some pretty awesome hydrokinesis work
  3. (MER) Aquaman and Mera start doing a combo they call "Pressure Launch"
  4. (MER) Mera using her Hydrokinesis launches Aquaman into the stratosphere.
  5. (MISC) Karaqan monster is crushing two ships at once with ease. The monster is also clearly gigantic.
  6. (MISC) Karaqan monster tanks a missile without a scratch and blows two jets out of the sky with some kind of green breath attack
  7. (STK) Aquaman slams the Karaqan after gaining momentum from his fall
  8. (DUR) Aquaman is completely unharmed from said fall (the top picture may seem to indicate he was KO'd since he's not responding, but we later find out his comm is just damaged)
  9. (STK) Aquaman slashes off part of the monster's tentacles with his Trident
  10. (REC, STK) Aquaman dodges a breath attack and stabs the Karaqan again
  11. (STR, DUR) Aquaman gets thrown by the monster and supporting the weight of a collapsing building. No physical harm and decides to use his TP
  12. (TP) Aquaman attempts to use his telepathy on the monster

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Should definitely add the time he collapsed a section on The Trench and the bullet-proof feats!

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@Recoil1985: Ok. i'm searching

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Aquaman 27

  1. (TP) Aquaman reads the memories of the Karaqan.
  2. (TP) More Mind reading
  3. (TP, SPD) Aquaman talks with Mera through TP and super jumps towards the Karaqan
  4. (SPD, STK) Aquaman slashes the Karaqan's tentacles at speed to save some civilians
  5. (STK, STR, DUR) Aquaman stabs the Karaqan with his Trident and throws a car in each hand at the monster. Karaqan steps on Aquaman.
  6. (DUR, SPD) Aquaman is unharmed after being stepped on. Aquaman superjumps at the Karaqan
  7. (SPD, STK) Aquaman attacks and stabs the Karaqan
  8. (TP, STK) Aquaman uses his TP to locate the Karaqan's brain and stabs it.
  9. (STR) Aquaman uses a steel beam to hammer his Trident through the Karaqan's brain
  10. (TP) Aquaman is still able to read the Karaqan's memories after the battle
  11. (TP) Aquaman is able to track the piece of the Karaqan's brain

Aquaman 28

  1. (TP) Aquaman is still getting TP readings from the Karaqan, despite being long dead.
  2. (SPD) Aquaman swims at 200 knots. (230 mph)
  3. (REC, DUR) Aquaman dodges 1 torpedo and tanks getting hit by another with no damage
  5. (STK) 13 year old Arthur manifests his powers and puts a boy in a coma for weeks
  6. (STK) Arthur as a middler schooler knocked out a high school for a month
  7. (Misc) Aquaman's Trident is a key and yet another confirmation of the Atlanlanean continent.

Batman and Aquaman 029

  1. (MISC) Aquaman's super hearing, unclear how powerful in this instance, but potentially he heard from entire oceans away.
  2. (SKL) Aquaman attacking two of Ra's men simultaneously
  3. (SKL) Dispatching 3 more of Ra's men
  4. (SKL) Takes out a Man-bat easily.
  5. (TP) Aquaman uses his TP to have crabs attack more Ra's men.
  6. (DUR) Tanking bullet fire (he might have smashed the two guys in the first panel, but it could also be Batman - unclear)
  7. (TP) Uses his TP to control the mutants (if they have a real name limme know lol)
  8. (TP) Has the mutans beat each other up.

Aquaman 029

  1. (Misc) Aquaman's trident is used as a key to open a time-space prison.
  2. (STK, STR) Aquaman 2-hand smashes a monster and then throws it
  3. (STR) Aquaman out muscles several monsters
  4. (DUR) Aquaman getting attacked by Heracles
  5. (TP) Aquaman takse control of a monster and uses it to attack Heracles
  6. (STK) Aquaman punches Heracles in the face
  7. (STK, DUR) Aquaman and Heracles exchange more blows
  8. (DUR) Aquaman enduring more hits from Heracles
  9. (DUR) After all that, Arthur only has a bloody nose and some scuff marks.

Aquaman 030

  1. (DUR) Hercules throws Aquaman into the ground
  2. ^
  3. (STK) Aquaman double-fists Hercules off-panel
  4. (DUR) Hercules tackles Aquaman and they go rolling down a mountain side
  5. (DUR,SKL, DUR) Hercules and Aquaman crash into the mountain side and Aquaman puts Hercules in a choke-hold before a rockslide buries them both
  6. (MER, REC) Mera using her hydrokinesis to redirect harpoons
  7. (DUR) Hercules starts choking Aquaman after they dig themselves out
  8. (HEL) Hercules is tricked into "drowning" Aquaman which completely revitalizes Arthur
  9. (STK) Aquaman punches Hercules across the Island into the Ocean
  10. (STK, TP) Aquaman punches Hercules in the face and summons giant squids to keep him trapped under water
  11. (STK) Aquaman pummels Hercules as he is restrained
  12. (STR, MISC) Aquaman carries Hercules to land (who's quite large) and opens the Prison/Labyrinth once again using his Trident
  13. (STR) Aquaman throws Hercules back into the Labyrinth prison
  14. (MISC) Aquaman/Wonder Woman team up teaser! :D Wonder Woman is drawn great here imo.

Aquaman and The Others 02

1. Arthur decapitates a rock-monster with his trident.

Aquaman 31

  1. (STR, STK) Aquaman tackles/slams Swamp Thing down after surprising him from the water
  2. (DUR, STR) Aquaman tanks a giant punch from Swamp Thing and then rips his arm off
  3. (DUR) Swamp Thing entangles Aquaman in his plants.
  4. (MER) Mera redirects an Electric Eel back at the rebels causing them to shock themselves
  5. (TP) Aquaman summons alligators to attack Swamp Thing (badass :D)
  6. (STR) Aquaman breaks out of Swamp Thing's plants while Swampy is being eaten
  7. (DUR) Swam Thing increases his mass and once again entangles Arthur (and Ya'wara this time).

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@TDK_1997: Thanks.

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Aquaman being bad ass

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The N52 Aquaman is awesome and super HOT.  
DC has done well.
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@FullmetalChobit said:

The N52 Aquaman is awesome and super HOT. DC has done well.
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@matchesmalone21: the trident to the eye..... no need for superstrength, not even darkseide has invulnerable eyes. but the rest yeah spot on.

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@matchesmalone21: btw you should totally do a new 52 respect thread for all the founding members

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I have been hearing a lot of great things about the new Aquman series

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I have always been a hardcore Aquaman fan, and I couldn't be more excited about this series. Great writing, GREAT art, great story, and great costume. Finally we get to see how strong Aquaman really is! I'm really hoping this Aquaman will help Reshape his rep in the dc universe. new 52 Aquaman >

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Yea! Aquaman!

Here's him pushing a section of the trench to seal it up
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It's hard to believe that Green Lantern was pretty underrated before Geoff Johns picked him up. Hopefully Aquaman becomes just as much as a sensation as that, and the way this series is going certainly makes it seem that way.

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@IIDEADxPOOLII: Nice scans dude.

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Pulling a ship
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Great scans. I love the new Aquaman series and I'm glad he is getting all of this positive attention.

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@nj06: more scans

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Aquaman is quickly rising up my list of favourite superheroes thanks to Geoff Johns!

- Definitely top 5 if not top 3!!!

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@Danial79: @majestic99: @Deranged Midget: @DEADPOOL: Full sequence

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@KainScion: Darkseid can't have invulnerable eyes,but you see..he can regenerate them??

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@Recoil1985: @Connoronnor: @IIDEADxPOOLII: : Some of you can help me post more scans?

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Super leaping out of the way of an avalanche
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@IIDEADxPOOLII: NIce scan dude!!

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@IIDEADxPOOLII: NIce scan dude!!

Love how he just throws the kid aside. Hilarious :)

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Here's an important feat...the Aqua-glare (to rival to Bat-glare) - which I made my avatar a while back

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@sinestro_GL: LOL

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Props for making these respect threads. Aquaman is easily my favourite character of the New 52 and one of, if the not the best written characters so far.

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This thread just made a aquaman fan outta me will be getting the HC when it drops and cheacking out the series

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Wish I had a scanner. I've a whole short box full of nothing but Aquaman comics. I'm sure there's more than a few scanworthy pages among them.

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Aquaman has been my favorite title this year, which shocked me since the only reason I picked it up in the first place was because my sister adopted him as her favorite Superhero and I thought she would like it. Then I found myself getting it every month and then looking forward to reading it. I have to hand it to DC they took what was used as a superhero punchline and made him into something truely great.

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@Hatutzeraze: @Blood1991: @JayMar89: Full sequence

Controlling the sea life
Aquaman make Hal shut his mouth

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@matchesmalone21: I love Jim Lee's art but I never understood the sideburns he gave Arthur.

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Unfazed from the fluids after being bitten by a creature from the Trench that would leave a normal human Paralyzed
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Aquaman is awesome, the New 52 is making everyone see that. Great thread.

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@Gambit1024 said:


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Aquaman Vs. Black Manta
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@sinestro_GL: @DEADPOOL: @Gambit1024: @IIDEADxPOOLII: @Blood1991: @Deranged Midget: @JayMar89: @Hatutzeraze: @Danial79: @majestic99:scans

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@matchesmalone21: Is that from Justice League?

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@IIDEADxPOOLII: Yeah Justice League 10

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Damn, that's Superman-level!

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@DEADPOOL: Yeah and I have to say I loved it. Now I want to see someone laugh at Aquaman

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@DEADPOOL: Yeah and I have to say I loved it. Now I want to see someone laugh at Aquaman

The reporters did on the next page.

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@HowTerribleIsThat: I'm actually hoping that Aquaman is the one who 'saves the day' in this upcoming arc.

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Only read the first issue so far and I can't lie I have been an aqua-hater for the longest time but I really love what they've done with him so far and can't wait to pick up the rest