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Hi again!

On a related note: The HTTP status code that you're returning in the event of an error is 200/OK (according to firefox, anyway)! Can you change that so that when a 500 error occurs you return 500 as the status code? That'll make it easier to catch from code.


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I'll pass this over to Andy. Out of curiosity, what are you working on? Anything we can do to help?

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This is fixed.

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Thanks Lord Sedrik! What was it that caused the problem? Sounded like a weird one!

Cascader: I'm working on some early spikes on ComicVine integration for Comicster. This'll be the new Windows Presentation Foundation version of Comicster that isn't released yet - I want to make the online API a plug-in sysem so users can choose between my own db, ComicVine's, or whoever else comes to the party.

Essentially I'm using WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) which has some great support for REST APIs - lets me call .NET methods which pass the method call on to your site as URIs and return XElement instances (XML). I can then parse the XML back into native Comicster objects (Issue, Character, Title, Publisher etc).

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Cool duder. Yell if you need any help.

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Just blogged about the API and my fledgling .NET client implementation.

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Is something wrong with the singular fetch api (for example "/character") or am I somehow using it wrong? I'm getting "500 internal server error" messages, if it's supposed to find something.
If it finds nothing, then it returns the normal xml return message that informs me that nothing is found.

I'm simply using the api like this:
http://api.comicvine.com/characters/?api_key=mykeyhere&gender=M&sort=birth_date&format=xml    <-- straightforward copy/paste from api samples with my own api-key. gender and sort parameters are not in use, but it works.
and manually selecting the first characters id 1253 and using it in query:
http://api.comicvine.com/character/1253/?api_key=mykeyhere&format=xml    <-- straightforward copy/paste from api samples with my own api-key

 -- C

PS. any news on the filter fields on listing apis? Otherwise true search would require a full set download (atleast with the fields used in query).

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